ICYMI: July 24, 2016

What we wrote

Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz, joined us to discuss his lessons learned building and growing a SaaS business. Our chat was inspired by a recent blog article Rand posted titled 'What I'd Change, Keep the Same, & Don't Yet Know'. Rand used this as a useful exercise to reflect back on his business over the past nine years. Make sure you read this and try it out for yourself! 
"Rand Fishkin's Lessons Learned Building a SaaS Business" β€” 15-minute read

Our interview with Steve Krysak from 5Crowd on putting the focus on the buyer is now available as a podcast πŸŽ™
Take your pick πŸ’ podcast or blog

What we're reading

  1. Charlotte Dillon explains that for early-stage companies, all leads are precious πŸ’ They're your route to revenue, but most sales teams let them go to waste. That can change by focusing on one metric; revenue per lead. 
    "The Metric That Helps Maximize Sales Efficiency" β€” 5 minutes
  2. Lauren Frye put together a wonderful infographic of marketing operations experts you should be following. 
    "45 Impressive Marketing Operations Champions You Should Follow" β€” 2 minutes
  3. Jenna Hanington presents five best practices to help get your message to the right people at the right time with lead nurturing campaigns. 
    "5 Lead Nurturing Best Practices for Sales AND Marketing" β€” 3 minutes
  4. Rand Fishkin gives advice on some simple changes that will transform your marketing jargon into metrics and data that decision makers care about. 
    "Marketing Metrics to the Data that Boards, CxOs, and Investors Care About" β€” 10 minutes
  5. Aaron Orendorff put together a helpful guide to help introverts in what can be a scary scene... conferences. This guide will not only help introverts survive conference season but excel at each and every one. 
    "The Introvert’s Guide To Surviving (And Thriving) At A Conference" β€” 8 minutes
  6. Dan McDade identifies seven truths about what the CEO's role should be in sales and marketing alignment. 
    "Why CEOs Need to Know What Makes Sales and Marketing Click" β€” 7 minutes
  7. Timothy Carter understands that there are tons of different marketing strategies out there, and each one will have different results depending on the company and industry, but the best strategy (with mathematical research backing it πŸ€“) is SEO. Find out why.
    "The Mathematical Reason SEO Is the Best Long-Term Marketing Strategy" β€” 4 minutes
  8. First Round Review writes about the ambiguity of start-up sales. It all can seem a mystery when you're starting out and it often comes down to having a "go get 'em" attitude to find out what works for you. Here are three frameworks that can help. 
    "The Three Frameworks You Need to Kick-start Sales" β€” 20 minutes
  9. Dave Gerhardt writes about the traditional ways in which we sales and market to our customers. Why? Because it's the way it's always been done and everyone else does. 
    "Is The Way We've Been Doing Marketing And Sales Broken?" β€” 5 minutes
  10. Katie Soave provides five articles that have a common theme β€” building a well-oiled marketing team. 
    "How to Build a More Effective Marketing Team" β€” 1 minute & 5 articles

Meme of the week

So by now you've probably heard of the latest craze; Pokemon Go. It had managed to sweep the nation, making headlines daily... but it's a game for children. Wouldn't it be great if there was something for us adults? 

Introducing Chardonnay Go:

Free Chardonnay for moms everywhere!


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