ICYMI: June 12, 2016

What we wrote

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Matt Alexander, the founder of Collective Edition and magician with words, joined us to talk copy writing. We discuss his writing process (or lack thereof), clickbait headlines, and how he's been able to successfully scale his tone-of-voice across his growing team. 
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Hana Abaza's talk with us about tactical marketing is now available as a podcast 🎙 
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What we're reading

  1. Anna Crowe explains that GIFs are just about everywhere in today's world. With platforms like Facebook and Twitter supporting and encouraging these little animated delights, brands are finding new ways to communicate with their audience. Here's a checklist you should think about before posting any GIFs and interesting ways that brands are using GIFs today. P.S. Did you know GIF's were introduced in 1987?? 😮
    "15 Glorious Examples of Brands Using GIFs" — 8 minutes
  2. David Gerhardt notes that the internet has turned the buyer-seller relationship completely upside down. We have everything we need to know before making a purchase without anyone's help. So, why do we still force leads to speak with sales and fill out forms just to see a demo when all it does is create friction?
    "Why The Future of Sales Looks A Lot Less Salesy" — 5 minutes
  3. Mary Meeker presents her annual internet trends report. She goes in depth with trends surrounding artificial intelligence, the impact of Snapchat integrations, live sports viewing habits, car innovation, millennial consumers, and so much more. If you're a fan of math, graphs, or trends that more than likely affect your job, future, and life—then this is the post for you!
    "Internet Trends 2016 — Code Conference" — 1 minute overview, 24 minute video, or 213 slides 😳 
  4. Victoria Hoffman loves her marketing automation—increasing productivity, better lead quality, and moving leads down the funnel faster—but even the best automation platforms have limitations. Here are a few must-haves to get the most value out of your automation. 
    "What Your Marketing Automation Tool Doesn’t Give You" — 5 minutes
  5. Ken Edwards tells the hard truth that prospects really don't care what you want 😢 So instead of asking what your leads can do for you, ask what you can do for your leads. 
    "Dear Sales Reps: No One Cares What We Want to Do" — 7 minutes
  6. Alyce Currier and Andrew Tate from Wistia give the complete guide for calls-to-action's in video marketing. If video is part of your marketing strategy, stop now and read this.
    "The Wistia Guide to Calls to Action in Video Marketing" — 19 minutes
  7. Lauren Goldstein offers three steps you should take when it comes to account based marketing whether you're brand new, or have been at it for years. If you haven't thought of adopting an ABM strategy, there's two brief examples of success stories that may have you thinking differently 🤔 
    "3 Steps to Accelerate your B2B Account-Based Marketing Campaigns" — 3 minutes
  8. Ann Handley encourages marketers to think about marketing the way Maaemo thinks about food. Create a bold brand story, build anticipation, inspire (don't force) sharing, and slow down at the right moments. 
    "What Marketing Can Learn From The Most Outstanding Meal I've Ever Had" — 7 minutes
  9. April Dunford explains that positioning is no longer an exercise that the marketing department does for the marketing department. It's something that is part of every interaction with a prospect, and (should be) embodied throughout the entire organization. 
    "If You Think Positioning is a Marketing Exercise, You're Doing it Wrong" — 6 minutes
  10. John Rampton explains what artificial intelligence is (there are three different kinds!), the exponential growth of it , and how it's poised to impact SEO in much bigger ways than we expect. 
    "Artificial Intelligence is Changing SEO Faster Than You Think" — 12 minutes

Meme of the week

The presidential race we've all been waiting for is here with none other than Donald John Trump and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Exactly what everyone would have predicted a year ago right? Probably not. 

The two took very different paths to become the primaries of their respective parties. Hillary found herself in an epic battle with Bernie Sanders, while Donald was battling through a huge field of Republican rivals who turned out to be no match for his ability to win television attention on what seemed to be a daily basis. 

In a race highlighted by Donald's promise of 'the wall', Hillary edging out Bernie, and several outrageous (and often racist) statements by Mr. Trump, the next highlight is no-doubt this tweet. (Read the full article)

This simple little reply is just the start of what should be a highly entertaining presidential race between Hillary and Donald with the first point awarded to Hillary. 

This may not be the first time you've seen those same three words put together as a reply to a controversial figure. Here's a list of the top ten best 'Delete your account' tweets featuring Bill Cosby, Rob Lowe, and appearances from withdrawn Republican candidates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. 

Oh—and if you're interested in Donald's slow and weak response, here you go...

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