ICYMI: June 26, 2016

What we wrote

Our CEO, Marko Savic, writes about moving past website vanity metrics and focus on presenting the right content to your opportunities at the right stage. Read it here

Meagen Eisenberg, the CMO at MongoDB, joined us to talk about the modern customer experience. We discuss what makes it modern, the teams you must have aligned, and what marketing automation she chooses to run air-traffic control at MongoDB. Read it here

Our interview with Alexa Meyer from Keen IO is now available as a podcast. We chat about product marketing, onboarding processes, and (of course) 90's dance music.  
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What we're reading

  1. Reid Greimann explains that having both sales and marketing keep their eyes on the prize (revenue) is the first step in building strong communication and visibility across both teams. 💰 👀
    "Sales and Marketing Alignment: Keep Your Eyes on the Revenue!" — 4 minutes
  2. Lauren Goldstein shares a visual recap of Marketo's 2016 Marketing Nation with ten images.
    "Ten Images Tell All: A Visual Recap of Marketo’s 2016 Marketing Nation" — 3 minutes
  3. Dana Stalder begs you to ask the question "Why start any marketing if you can't measure what's working?" He explains what marketing attribution is and why startups should put a strategy in place sooner rather than later ⏱ 
    "Marketing Attribution: Creating a Growth Engine at Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack" — 15 minutes
  4. Kyle Samani explains that if you don't out-execute your competition, they'll out-execute you. That's where sales ops comes in. Here's some useful examples of how sales ops can help impact lead volume, conversion rates, the sales cycle, ACVs, and lifetime value. 
    "Why Does Sales Ops Matter?" — 6 minutes
  5. Aaron Ross gives his advice on how to understand and bridge the 'trust gap' between your early adopters and people who have never heard of you. 
    "How to Win Your Prospects’ Trust" — 4 minutes
  6. Catherine McIntyre explains that the way we sell is much different than a decade ago and there are many more options to reach a customer now than by interrupting their day with a cold call. 
    "Millennials can make great salespeople—if you forget the phone" — 4 minutes
  7. Shanelle Mullin gives an in-depth look into the conversion rate optimization (CRO) industry including stats about the industry, challenges it faces, and solutions!
    "3 Major CRO Challenges & How to Overcome Them" — 8 minutes
  8. Michael Cullen shares lessons learned from Hampus Jakobsson on customer acquisition. 
    "A Lesson in SaaS Customer Acquisition from Hampus Jakobsson" — 14 minutes
  9. Carol Leaman justifies the investment in gamification training with hard data. Interesting stats around overall effectiveness of employee training and the overall organizational improvements gamification can provide 🕹 📈
    "How to Justify a Training Investment in Gamification" — 4 minutes
  10. Bryan Kramer talks with Engagio CEO, Jon Miller, about the science behind human relationships, demand generation, and navigating the line between marketing automation and H2H marketing. 
    "Balancing Marketing Automation and H2H with Jon Miller" — 2 minute summary + 31 minute podcast

Meme of the week

The robots are coming... and now they have babies. 

If you made it to the 55 second mark, it is a requirement that you watch this GIF:



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