ICYMI: May 29, 2016

What We Wrote

We spoke with Mark Evans about what it means to be customer centric. We cover the basics like messaging to different audiences, the right way to talk about yourself, and what channels to use at what stages in the buyer journey. Mark then gives some incredible examples of customer centric companies today and what we can learn from them.
Read it here — 13 minute read

Our interview with Dan Shaw, VP of Sales at Maintenance Assistant, on the buyer's journey is now available as a podcast! We look at steps in the buyer's journey, problems that stem from misalignment, and advice on how to improve. 
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What We're Reading

  1. April Dunford explains what 'framing' is and why you should care about it. She gives some amazing examples including one with deep fried chocolate caramel muffins 😋
    "How Product Framing Can Help Grow Your Startup (or Kill It) — 11 minutes
  2. Kelly O'Hara shares the best Chrome extensions for content marketers. These are amazing—if you're a content marketer, you'll want to read this. 
    "7 Useful Chrome Extensions for Content Marketers" — 5 minutes 
  3. Jason Lemkin encourages you to measure everything—even the things you've been told that you can't measure. If you measure everything, you'll do better, every quarter, like clockwork 🕑
    "Yes, You Can Measure Everything. Marketing, PR, Dev, Lead Efficiency. Do it." — 5 minutes
  4. John Bonini relates getting a subscriber to getting someone's number... they probably don't want to hear from someone they just met three times a day. He goes on to give some helpful tips on what to send new subscribers at what time. This is an entertaining read—enjoy!
    "The Evolution of Email Spam: Here’s How Your Customers Now Define It" — 7 minutes
  5. Rachel Foster knows that B2B buyers are tired of being sold to. Here are five tips that can help your case studies cut through the clutter ✂️
    "5 Ways to Take Your B2B Case Studies From Blah to Brilliant" — 5 minutes
  6. McKinsey on Sales and Marketing provides a useful infographic on proven sales growth strategies. 
    "Infographic: Sales Growth—Five Proven Strategies" — Infographic
  7. Kara Burney looks at the stereotypical perceptions of B2B vs. B2C marketers and highlights opportunities where challenging these can unlock new innovation and creativity.
    "The B2B vs. B2C Marketing Stereotypes That Are Stifling Our Creativity" — 6 minutes
  8. JR Little explains the 'Tent Pole' marketing model and how to make your messaging go from 'sappy' to 'snappy' 🎪
    "How Data Is Used to Refine Marketing Messages" — 13 minutes
  9. Idea Sandbox looks at the idea of a 'dominant selling idea' or 'DSI'. What is your DSI? How do you qualify it? How to craft it, and more. Check it out. 
    "How to be Different: 'Dominant Selling Idea'" — 3 minutes
  10. Brandon Redlinger writes about hiring and building a sales team. If you're looking to hire a sales team or build your current team out, this is a must read.
    "10 Steps to Hiring the Right Reps and Building an Unstoppable Sales Force" — 25 minutes

Meme of the Week

We all have an opinion on the updated Instagram logo but the truth is, the majority of us hate it... just look at some of these tweets:

Marketoonist posted this incredible cartoon just last week which we can only assume is about the recent rebrands by companies like Uber and Instagram:

But have any of you ever thought about how the new logo was made? A lot of hard work, research, and testing went into it. Here's an exclusive, brief behind the scene's look into how it was done—enjoy!

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