ICYMI: May 15, 2016

What We Wrote

Our interview with Geoff McMurdo from Isabel Avery & Co is now available as a podcast! Geoff talks about his experience working in-house for brands like Sony and LG, compared to his current role as CEO of a marketing agency.
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What We're Reading

  1. Lautel Okhio gives five helpful tips to build an engaged subscriber list and make your emails standout from the crowd πŸ™‹
    "Grab Their Attention: 5 Content Tips for Creating Engaging Emails" β€” 6 minutes
  2. Andrea Lehr from Hubspot analyzes three top performing content marketing efforts to help you with generating similar, shareable content.
    "What Makes Content Compelling?" β€” 3 minutes + a lovely infographic
  3. First Round Review writes a brilliant piece on how early-stage companies should think about growth πŸ“ˆWhen it's time to grow, what metrics to measure (and how to measure them), building out a team, and so much more. If you're part of an early stage company and have the time, read this article. 
    "Answers To Your Tough Questions About Growth" β€” 23 minute read
  4. Sean Callahan writes about five people-driven SEO principles that can help grow your blog. Content decisions, blog strategy, and exercises to ensure continual improvement. 
    "5 People-Driven SEO Principles That Grew Our Blog by 25x" β€” 8 minutes
  5. Hiten Shah looks at 40+ SaaS marketing sites and hundreds of videos to show what works (and what doesn't) as part of a six chapter project πŸ“– We recommend chapter five, a case study on a communication and collaboration tool your company is most likely using (and most likely loving), Slack. 
    "Case Study #1 - Slack" β€” 14 minutes
  6. Fallon Fatemi believes the "spray and pray" era of sales and marketing will soon be ending. Here's why:
    "Account Based Intelligence Is The Future Of Marketing And Sales" β€” 3 minutes
  7. Bob Domenz writes about the changing role of a modern CMO. The role itself has changed drastically from decades past and differs from company to company. The biggest change being the strategic impact they have (or should have).
    "Why B2B CMOs Should Drive Business Strategy" β€” 13 minutes
  8. Marcel Florez talks about the SaaS model that is changing the sales and marketing economy and increasing importance of customer success. 
    "Sales and Marketing in an 'As a Service' Economy" β€” 4 minutes
  9. Kimberly Whitler shares some interesting insights from research done on 42,946 tweets from 281 B2B Tech CMOs. 
    "B2B Tech CMOs: What's On Their Minds" β€” 3 minutes
  10. Josh Bernoff encourages you to be bold when writing and it may help boost your career. If you don't think so, maybe wait a few years and you might change your mind ⏱ Find out why:
    "Bold writing helps, not threatens, your career (Survey Data)" β€” 3 minutes

Meme of the Week

This week's meme comes from Marketoonist, a cartoon studio focused on content marketing. Tom Fishburne (Chief Marketoonist) and his team publish weekly cartoons that every marketer can relate to.  

This weeks cartoon resonates strongly with our team for obvious reasons...

Find the full post here.

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