ICYMI: May 1, 2016

What We Wrote

Crys Wiltshire, the Senior Marketing Manager at gShift, joined us for an insightful chat about SEO. Topics covered include the importance of social media, what strategies and tactics work (and don't), and the basics every company should have covered. If you haven't thought about your SEO strategy lately, read this

What We're Reading

  1. William Harris talks about the saving grace of Twitter's newsfeed 🙌 "Twitter Lists"! If you're anything like us, Twitter is a main source of content, news, and random hilarity, but the newsfeed often has way too much going on to make sense of anything. Twitter lists fixes that. This article will change your life. 
    "The Great Big List of Twitter Lists, Ideas, & Tools" — 7 minutes
  2. Kevin Akeroyd reminisces about the days when all B2B marketers had to do was generate awareness. Things have changes to say the least. Find out why Kevin believes you should rethink the role marketing plays within the organization before implementing the latest and greatest MarTech tools.
    "Why B2B Marketers Need to Focus on the Latest MarTech Trends" — 4 minutes
  3. Alex Mohr talks about brand consistency and how keeping one general principle front and centre during every interaction helps to reinforce the appeal of your product, and will guide you to leads with better payoff. 
    "The Key to Validating Leads Is Brand Consistency" — 5 minutes
  4. Michael Brenner outlines eight key marketing trends you can't ignore. Trends surround SEO, artificial intelligence, social, and video. Any of those peak your interest? Of course they do.
    "The 8 Hottest Content Marketing Trends for 2016" — 4 minutes + an awesome infographic!
  5. Emma Brudner digs into the neuroscience of storytelling and how it can affect your sales pitch. Embrace your nerdy side and enjoy! 🤓
    "The Neuroscience Behind Storytelling in Sales" — 2 minutes + another awesome infographic!
  6. Mike Latty gives easy to implement advice, pro-tips, and resources to help make your cold sales emails more effective.
    "15 Resources for Creating A Better Cold Sales Email" — 5 minutes
  7. Frank Visgatis argues that the buyer-seller relationship is worse off now that it was 15 years ago and offers his thoughts on how to improve. 
    "How to (Finally) Get Buyers and Sellers on the Same Page" — 4 minutes
  8. Paul Teshima talks about the magic that happens when you find the right way to align price with customer value. Paul offers real world approaches that will help whether you're pricing a product for the first time, or thinking about a revamp. 
    "One Thing To Check Your SaaS 'Price is Right'" — 4 minutes
  9. Elan Gale has a unique (but valid) view on being insecure. Is it a flaw? Absolutely not. Take a read to find his reasoning. 
    "All Hail Insecurity" — 2 minutes
  10. Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO at Hubspot, gives his take on the recent book by Dan Lyons, "Disrupted: My Misadventure In The Start-Up Bubble". Chances are you've heard about the book by now, or maybe even reading it. It doesn't present Hubspot in a positive manner (at all), so Dharmesh gives his (Hubspot's) take on the story.
    "Undisrupted: Hubspot's Reflections on 'Disrupted'" — 10 minutes

Meme of the Week

Successful adulting is tough. Keeping a 9-5 job, mortgage payments, cooking, laundry, car payments, showing up to work on time after a night out... the list goes on. Writer Chaz Hutton can relate, and has illustrated 15 brilliant stick figure comics and graphs that relate all to well to the grim reality of adult life. It gets all too real near the end, take a look for yourself

These aren't even the best ones, see the full post

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