ICYMI: April 17, 2016

What We Wrote

Christina Ellwood is a tech CMO, entrepreneur, and angel investor from the valley. She joined us to talk about sales and marketing alignment. We cover the common complaints you hear from both sides, then narrow it down to the root problem, and address potential solutions. Read this post... you won't regret it
11 minute read

April Dunford, managing partner at Spint.ly, talks with us about her favourite topic — positioning. She tells us how she really feels about slogans, positioning exercises, and what parts of your brand to highlight. For those that are unfamiliar with April, she tells it how it is making this a highly entertaining listen. Listen here.
21 minute listen

Holly Tiessen, the Chief Customer Office at PostBeyond, talks to us about customer success. Holly discusses what it means to be a Chief Customer Officer, how customer success can help bring sales and marketing together, and the importance of always delivering that "Wow" experience. Listen here.
15 minutes

What We're Reading

  1. Brian Scordato teaches a lesson on customer loyalty based on New York City bagels. Figure out how to enter your prospects conversation as early as possible, if you do this, then you'll sell a lot of bagels (or whatever it is that you sell).
    "What Every Startup Needs To Know About The Psychology Of Choice" — 7 minute read
  2. Wilson Hung writes about the importance of having a scientific process for your marketing. He suggests you grab a taco (or snack of your choice) and settle in, it's a long read, but well worth it.
    "The Scientific Marketing Strategy Behind Exponential Growth" — 31 minutes
  3. Frank Luby knows a lot about ebooks. They've become a popular piece for companies looking to educate leads, show thought leadership, and get prospects in the sales funnel, but have you ever thought of what ebooks could look like in the future? Frank has.
    "Rethinking the ebook" — 4 minutes
  4. Joe Pulizzi writes about the movement of 'Inbound Marketing' and that although it is actually quite sensible for most companies, far too many small businesses make it a primary strategy, ignoring loyalty and retention activities.
    "Why Inbound Marketing Should Take a Back Seat to Current Customers" — 5 minutes
  5. Gerry Moran shares how social selling has taken a hold of the B2B world. Activating social media and content into a sales tool is tough, but chances are, your competitors already have. Gerry explains the rewards of social selling and easy steps to start your strategy.
    "Social Selling. It's A Piece Of Cake." — 8 minutes
  6. Liz Bedor gives helpful tips when writing a headline, because sometimes, words are hard. 
    "How To Write The Perfect Headling + 37 Examples" — 4 minutes
  7. Gregory Viotti shares valuable principles that helped to power the Help Scout blog to over three million visitors last year. Take notes. 
    "The 25 Principles that Power Our Company Blog" — 10 minutes
  8. Stephan Argent chats with Angela Scardillo, the VP of Marketing & Communications at Best Buy Canada, about the digital marketing revolution.
    "Best Buy Canada VP Explains Why Digital Begins In-House" — 4 minutes
  9. Travis Wright knows that the best marketers are incessantly learning, because in today's world, they can't afford to stop. Here are 16 blogs and publications to add to your reading list.
    "16 Top Marketing Blog and Publications You Need to Be Following" — 7 minutes
  10. Dan Lyons tells his (controversial) story as a mid-life professional entering the high-flying startup world. Check out this 'sneak peak' article of his book "Disrupted". 
    "My Year in Startup Hell" — 20 minutes & 3 minute video

Meme of the Week

It's not completely unexpected that weird things happen on occasion in the McDonalds drive-thru, especially at 1:00am, but this story via Twitter by @JoshRaby is something else. Here's a preview but we highly recommend reading the full story.

Seriously, read the full story, it's hilarious. 

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