ICYMI: April 3, 2016

What we Wrote

Laura Brodie, the director of marketing and communications at Bridgit, joined us to talk about using content marketing as a tool to build your brand. She discusses how Bridgit uses content marketing, the problem with content marketing today, and effectively reaching your audience once you have the right content. Listen here.
11 minute listen

Myke Hurley, co-founder of Relay FM, chats with us about podcasting ads. We talk about managing customer relationships, crafting ad reads, and picking the right podcast for your company. Read it here.
12 minute read

Steve Krysak, client lead at 5Crowd, joined us to talk about focusing on the buyer. Steve formally worked for a large Ontario University and shared his experience deviating from that large brand as much as he could in order to effectively reach his buyer. He also spoke about the challenges he overcame, and how building trust with colleagues and executives were key in making it happen. Read it here.
14 minutes

What We're Reading

  1. Michael Brenner answers content marketing questions that sophisticated marketers face. Are you a sophisticated marketer? Of course you are. Read the article. "6 Content Marketing Answers For The Sophisticated Marketer"
    5 minutes
  2. Ott Niggulas outlines some underlying similarities between the cult like audiences of Apple, Crossfit, Harley Davidson, and even the People's Temple. "How To Start A Cult... For Your Brand"
    12 minutes
  3. Laurie Fullerton dives into some research done by Forrester concerning B2B marketing. Interesting statistics surround the difficulty connecting with first-time prospects, creating a personalized experience, and the use of MarTech tools. "Forrester research on B2B marketers"
    5 minutes
  4. Amaze Nanji highlights some information from a recent report by Appboy. The use of emojis in marketing messages sent by brands has increased 777% since 2015 😳 See how brands and consumers use emojis differently. "The Emojis Used Most by Brands in Marketing Messages"
    2 minutes
  5. Reda Sedrati understands you've probably been 'clickbaited' before (we all have, and we all were disappointed). Although it seems like it could be a good idea — it's not — using a clickbait to capture a readers interest will do more harm than good. Find out why: "To Clickbait or Not to Clickbait"
    6 minutes
  6. Dave Kellogg cites his favourite quote to speak to the balance between tactics and strategy that great marketers strive for. "Marketing is Too Important to be Left to the Marketing Department"
    3 minutes
  7. Ryan Denehy makes his pain, your gain, by sharing 64 things he learned when he started running sales and distribution. "Building a Startup Sales Machine — 64 Things I Wish I Knew"
    21 minutes
  8. Kelly O'Hara gives her recommendation of podcasts you need to be listening to whether you listen while walking, on the daily commute, or are podcast obsessed and listen whenever and wherever you are. "5 Marketing Podcasts to Listen To in 2016" 
    3 minutes
  9. Shayla Price shares that if you've never thought of co-marketing... you probably should. Grow your brand — partner up. "Why Aren't You Co-Marketing?"
    6 minutes 
  10. Victoria Hoffman writes that even the best content requires a great content experience in order to reach its full potential. Here's some content experience improvement tips. "Why Great Content Isn't Enough For Effective Inbound Marketing" 
    4 minutes

Meme of the Week

Fan votes — the idea can be fun — but many fan votes go ways that you would never expect. Perfect example is the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) opening up an internet poll to name a brand new $287 million polar research vessel. Quite quickly, Boaty McBoatface rose to the top of the list

In this digital age it really should be no surprise these things happen, in fact, they happen more than you might think. Here are a few examples:

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