ICYMI: March 6, 2016


We had a held a conference called The Marketing Leap! Over 200 attendees showed up for ten amazing sessions at the Tannery Event Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. We've heard it called "the most honest (no bullshit) conference ever." You can find event related shenanigans on Twitter with #marketingleap16.

We're working on getting audio and video from the conference posted, but until then check out the great slides from our keynote sessions

Marko Savic sat down with Communitech to discuss how The Marketing Leap went. Conversations covered the popular event game "buzzword bingo", the probability of future conferences, and FunnelCake's partnership with The Working Centre. Make sure you read this
7 minute read

Holly Tiessen is the Chief Customer Officer at PostBeyond located in Toronto, Ontario. In this interview she talks about what it means to be a Chief Customer Officer, how customer success can help bring sales and marketing together, and how to deliver that "wow" experience. Check out the interview
9 minutes

Dan Shaw is the VP of Sales at Maintenance Assistant based in Toronto. In our talk, he speaks about the steps involved in a buyer journey, problems that stem from sales and marketing misalignment, and advice to get your teams better aligned with the proper resources. Check out the interview.
6 minutes

Shum Attygalle is the digital marketing manager at Axonify (and he teaches marketing at Laurier on the side). He talks about the challenges facing marketing programs in higher education, how we aren't preparing new grads for the real world, and what we can do to change it. Listen here.
22 minute listen


  1. Sean Callahan shines light on some interesting quotes and statistics from a recent IBM report. Here's a taste of how great the quotes are "The CMO has to become the custodian of the customer experience, not just the head of the 'arts and crafts' department." "B2B Beat: Technological Disruption Gives CMOs Avenue to Broader Role, Says IBM Report"
    3 minute read
  2. Amaze Nanji surveyed over 1,800 email marketers to give you some amazing benchmark data. Read it and weep (we hope with tears of joy, but YMMV). "The State of Email Marketing by Industry"
    2 minutes
  3. Victoria Hoffman wants you to question how to organize content with a simple reminder: your audience is a lot like you. Keeping that in mind will enable you to build a more engaging path for customers and avoid content silos. "How to Avoid Content Silos (And Improve Your Content Marketing Performance)"
    3 minutes
  4. Neil Patel gives useful tips when it comes to making your content SEO friendly as content marketing and SEO settle into their new cozy relationship. "How to Make Every Piece of Content SEO Friendly"
    8 minutes
  5. David Roe writes a controversial article on sales and marketing alignment. He pleads marketing to stop creating corporate data sheets, white papers, and solution overviews because sales doesn't want or need them. He's even got stats to back it up. "Sales to Marketing: Keep Your Crappy Content"  
    3 minutes
  6. Eevee discusses everything Twitter. It includes non obvious things about Twitter, hidden features, and etiquette. If you're an avid user of Twitter (or want to be), read this. "Twitter's missing manual"
    24 minutes
  7. Liat Behr asked seven top bloggers (many of which often appear in our newsletter) what their favourite podcasts are and why. "7 Top Bloggers Share Their Must Listen To Podcasts"
    3 minutes and countless hours of podcasts you'll want to listen to
  8. Mike Burton gives three methods to use in account based marketing campaigns (but ignore the first two because it's clear the third is the way to go). "Taking Account Based Marketing to the Next Level"
    3 minutes
  9. Darren Rowse goes through a useful exercise to get your readers from "surfers" to "engaged, subscribed, and sharing" (and hopefully a customer too!). "How to get your Readers to become more Engaged, Loyal and to Share your Content"
    4 minutes (Tired of reading? There's a YouTube video!)
  10. Heinz Marketing encourages the "trust but verify" method in marketing efforts to make sure you don't miss out on an opportunity to engage others in a meaningful relationship by introducing biases. "You are a terrible focus group of one"
    1 minute


We do our very best to supply you with the best content out there... but somewhere along the way content lost its meaning. Julian Smith mocks content in the best way possible: "Content - Julian Smith"

Speaking of awkward videos. Awkward interactions are not fun—especially when the interaction is with your boss... but whether we'd like to admit it or not, we're all probably guilty of at least one (all?) of these.  "This is Every Awkward Interaction With Your Boss"

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