ICYMI: March 20, 2016

What We Wrote

SlideShares and audio from The Marketing Leap are now available. We're working on the video — stay tuned!

Steve Woods, CTO at Nudge Software, sat down with us to talk about how business relationships are changing, networking etiquette, and the subtle difference between someone whose built a powerful network and someone who can't call up more than twenty people. Read it here
12 minute read

Robert Barlow-Busch, VP of User Experience at Boltmade and co-chair of the Fluxible conference, joined us to discuss event planning. We discuss the tools he uses to manage events, how to get sponsors on board, and delivering unique user experiences. Read it here
13 minutes

Leena Thampan, CMO at Wagepoint, joined us to talk about customer service as marketing. She discussed how this will help you with everything from generating content, improving your messaging, and increasing retention. Listen here
17 minute listen

What We're Reading

  1. Douglas Holt gives his take on branding in the era of Facebook and Youtube. He suggests shifting focus away from the big platforms and shift it to the real locus of digital power — crowdcultures. "Branding in the Age of Social Media"
    27 minutes
  2. Jon Westenberg shares the marketing canvas he uses as a starting point for every project he works on. You can (and should) try it as well. "Hustle your marketing with this canvas"
    7 minutes
  3. Justin Bartels talks about the palindrome of Sales needing Marketing's content and Marketing's content needing the Sales team. If you read David Roe's article posted in the last newsletter, this is a great follow-up read. "The Content We Need - Yet Another Request From Sales"
    5 minutes
  4. Michael Lum from Sprint.ly discusses how to write user stories 'like a boss'. He goes through why you should write user stories, how to write them, and things to avoid when writing them. "How to Write Great Agile User Stories"
    8 minutes
  5. Ellen Gomes talks about Facebook's Instant Articles. Ellen goes through what this means for content marketing, challenges it will bring, and how it could be a big help in driving demand gen. "How Facebook Instant Articles Could Change the Game for Content Marketing"
    6 minutes
  6. Sabrina Bozek writes about the new shape account based marketing is taking with the customer success revolution. Learn which companies ABM works best for, how it can help, and growth hacks—because who doesn't love growth hacks? "Account Based Management Is The New B2B Growth Hack"
    6 minutes
  7. Mattias Geniar offers up a technical guide to improve your SEO. We often post about how important it is for your content to be SEO friendly (which it is) — but the technical parts matter as well. "A technical guide to SEO"
    15 minutes
  8. Christina Matthew writes with the purpose to help you create higher quality content more often with ten helpful secrets. The moral of the story with this article is to write with passion while remembering who your audience is, knowing what they want, and giving it to them. "10 Secrets to Creating Engaging Content that Will Attract Readers"
    6 minutes
  9. First Round Review posts about designing a lasting brand as done by Gusto in their recent rebrand. "This Is How You Design a Lasting Brand — An Inside Look at Gusto's Reinvention"
    23 minutes
  10. Neil Patel gives his take on where the future of content is headed with seven helpful tips. Even though they aren't requirements in today's content world, they will only improve your results in the future. "The Future of Content: What It Will Look Like"
    9 minutes

Meme of the Week

Kanye West is making his second appearance on the meme of the week in the past month, but this time,  it's not for his relationship with Kim, begging for money, or his career at Pizza Hut... but his potentially revolutionary business decision. 

Ever since "Life of Pablo" got released exclusively on Tidal, Kanye has been taking a lot of criticism (mainly bad). However, Tien Tzuo gives Kanye the shoutout he deserves in this article 👏 "Kanye West's 'Life of Pablo' is the first SaaS album"

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