ICYMI: February 7, 2016


Joe Gelata is the head of global demand generation and revenue operations at Vidyard. His blog was our most popular yet - hear the full interview on our podcast
14 minute listen

Cassandra Jowett is the content manager at Influitive. She explains why customer advocacy is important for marketers, how to build your first advocacy program, and why it's essential through the entire customer lifecycle - listen here
14 minutes

April Dunford is managing partner at Sprint.ly. She wants you to know the difference between a slogan and positioning, what parts of your brand to highlight and so, so much more. Read the interview in our blog.
11 minute read

Hana Abaza is the VP of marketing at Uberflip. She talks about their marketing strategy, tactics, how the role of CMO has evolved. If you're a fan of 90's music, you'll be a fan of this post
13 minutes


  1. Daniel Hochuli explains why we shouldn’t expect high social media engagement to translate into higher rankings on Google - even if you take selfies with the cutest marsupial in Australia. "Search vs. Social: How Audience 'Intent' Can Affect Content Marketing Performance"
    10 minutes
  2. Gary Vaynerchuk is confident that Snapchat will grow and dominate in similar fashion to YouTube and could give you the upside you're looking for. "Why Snapchat Will Be Great for B2B Companies"
    3 minutes
  3. Or Shani, CEO and founder of Adgorithms, offers his advice on how to tame the eight-armed marketing hydra by working as a unified information stream and better capitalize on data. "Tame the Multichannel Marketing Hydra"
    4 minutes
  4. Scott Rayden shines light on why looking at consumers as part of the team rather than a dollar value to the company will generate more leads. "The Evolution of Digital Marketing and Changing Customer Expectations"
    5 minutes
  5. Alessandra Ghini shares insights from her work at Apple and Starbucks and that putting constraints on people may lead to the next incredible breakthrough. "What Apple and Starbucks Taught Me About Building A Brand"
    7 minutes
  6. Paul Teshima of Nudge discusses the challenges Salesforce and LinkedIn and the importance of putting relationships back in the centre of CRM. "The Future of CRM Needs to Include Relationships"
    4 minutes
  7. Brendon Cassidy shares his experience nearly doubling new business in one quarter, not by genius, but common sense. He encourages all early start ups to simplify at every turn, drive black and white themes, and hustle 24/7. "How We Increased Sales Nearly 100% In One Quarter"
    7 minutes
  8. Keenan Beasley, contributor to Forbes, explains how agencies went from one of the most fulfilling and glamorous industries to a sweatshop. "How Agencies Are Putting Themselves Out Of Business And What We Should Do About It"
    7 minutes
  9. Ruairi Galavant from Intercom shares how they found the right mix of automation and personal touch to improve their demos in what they call the hybrid approach, "How We Scaled Product Demos at Intercom"
    5 minutes
  10. Yoav Schwartz, CEO of Uberflip, explains how gardening and acquiring customers are pretty much the same thing. "A Lead is a Seed"
    2 minutes and 6 great graphics

Meme of the week

Queen Bey is back💃🏾with a great, politically charged single. This discussion in The New York Times is a pretty good summary of Beyoncé's surprise single (which is already a digital Billboard #1, if that's a meaningful metric.)

Dan Bruce