ICYMI: February 21, 2016


Our very own Marko Savic, Andrew Lawton, and Brett Madill made an appearance on Tech Startup Podcast. Find it here

Cam Davies is the marketing manager at Miovision Technologies. He discusses market sizing, revenue-driven marketing, and how to get the sales team to feel like they're part of your marketing team. Listen here
14 minute listen

Heather Galt is an Executive in Residence at Communitech's Rev program. Heather talks channel marketing, how it compares to direct marketing, and when it makes sense for your company to pursue a channel strategy. Listen here
12 minutes

Geoff McMurdo is Partner and CEO at Isabel Avery & Company. We interviewed him on the difference between in-house and agency, ROI, when to use an agency, and how he structures his team. You should read it
11 minute read


  1. Randy Frisch encourages you to create designated paths of content for your audience rather than lead them to a dead end, or even worse... YouTube. "Does Your Content Strategy Have Dead Ends?"
    9 minutes
  2. Violets Nedkova looks into patterns. The good, bad, iffy, healthy, invisible, countless number of patterns that run our lives in secret and subtle ways. Learn to discover, question, and exploit patterns to break them down and improve your content. "Want business clarity? Look for the pattern in everything."
    6 minutes
  3. Loren Padelford from Shopify Plus explains how buyer-focused SaaS companies (like Shopify) are causing trouble for large enterprise softwares. They've had a great 50 year run but their time is over.  "The Dirty Little Secret Traditional Enterprise Software Companies Don't Want You Knowing"
    8 minutes
  4. Adrienne LaFrance advices you to play it cool (but not too cool) when writing the perfect email with facts to back it up. "The Perfect Email"
    3 minutes
  5. Ben Thompson compares Facebook and Twitter from a advertiser's perspective and when it comes to digital advertising it's Facebook, Google, or don't bother. "The Reality of Missing Out"
    10 minutes
  6. Jill Rowley reminds us all that advocacy is not random and it's not by chance. "Serving the Modern B2B Buyer"
    3 minutes
  7. Tony Zambito looks at survey results to uncover some interesting statistics and correlations about buyer persona's and what it means moving forward. "State of Buyer Personas 2016: Strong Correlation Between Effectiveness and Goals"
    8 minutes
  8. Adrianne Pasquarelli from Ad Age interviews Kevin Spreekmeester, the CMO of Canada Goose about creativity. He gives his take on how his team overcomes challenges, breaks out of slumps, and nurtures creativity. "Creativity 50 2015: Kevin Spreekmeester"
    4 minutes
  9. Michele Linn goes in depth on point-of-views and putting content together around personal passions by meshing personal and brand point-of-views. "Your Brand Needs a Point of View, But Do You?"
  10. Shane Schick urges companies to become more "customer obsessed" and go beyond the old adage of the customer is always right. "Forrester's CMO Perfectly Captures the Marketing Imperative for 2016"
    3 minutes and a 45 minute video


This week, Kanye was being Kanye going on yet another Twitter rampage stemming from his album release only available on Tidal 🎵 Check out his feed here, specifically from February 13th to 16th. The topics range from artistry and fashion, to confessing he is 53 million dollars in debt, and begging Mark Zuckerberg to invest a billion dollars into "Kanye West ideas". 💰💰💰

However it's Pizza Hut who steals the show and wins the internet this week with this hilarious response offering him a job. 🍕💰

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