ICYMI: December 11, 2016

What we wrote

Lee Odden on Influencer Marketing Strategy

"Influencer marketing brings credibility to a company's content strategy."

We were joined by Lee Odden, the co-founder and CEO of TopRank Marketing, to discuss influencer marketing strategy. We talk through the different ways influencer marketing can move leads down the funnel, how to pick the right influencers, and successful strategies companies are using today. 
'Lee Odden on Influencer Marketing Strategy' — 15 minute read

What we're reading

  1. Charlotte Dillon explains how to improve your lead-scoring strategy to prevent best-fit customers from slipping through the cracks.
    'The Two Key Elements of Effective Lead-Scoring' — 7 minutes

  2. Patrick Hoffmann explains marketing attribution, and well, the title of the article explains the rest.
    'Marketing Attribution in Five Steps' — 6 minutes
  3. The Top Sales World blog highlight the best sales articles of 2016.
    'Top 10 Sales Blog Posts' — 2 minutes
  4. Chris Savage writes about finding a place in your customers' space where there is nothing else and capitalize on it, just like Pokemon Go did. 
    'Market Where You Have No Competition' — 3 minutes
  5. Neill Occhiogrosso gives his tips and tricks to building a board deck. 
    'Putting Together a Board Deck — Tips and Techniques' — 2 minutes
  6. David Kutcher wonders why UTMs aren't more prevalent in digital marketing. Instead of being forced to make assumptions about where your audience is coming from, use UTMs to get the most from your analytics. 
    'UTM Attribution will bring value metrics to your digital marketing' — 7 minutes
  7. Alex Wilhelm digs into the mathematics of enterprise storage company Box's latest earnings report to examine the changing value of ARR in SaaS. 
    'The Changing Value Of ARR V' — 6 minutes
  8. Don Peppers talks about the need for salespeople to use networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus (but mostly LinkedIn) to become thought leaders. 
    'Social Selling: Turn Your Salespeople into Thought Leaders' — 6 minutes
  9. Joanna Wiebe wonders if your headlines suffer from 'TMI?' The team at CopyHackers tested a number of headlines and the results provide some pretty convincing statistics. 
    'Is Your Headline Suffering from “TMI”?' — 2 minute read + 5 minute video
  10. Philip Kushmaro explains the mystery why marketing automation platforms get so much attention from VC's.
    'Why are marketing automation platforms getting so much VC funding?' — 5 minutes

Meme of the week

The Christmas season is upon us 🎄 and for those in colder climates, that means winter driving. 

Here's a clip of an icy road in Montreal causing some havoc this past week:

Stay safe out there folks!

Dan Bruce