ICYMI: December 25, 2016

What we wrote

The Number One Issue in SaaS: Dirty Data

"The only way that you can create a good experience for your audience is if you know who they are, and why they care about you. Without clean data, that's impossible to understand."

Kyle Lacy, the VP of Marketing at OpenView Venture Partners, joined us to chat about dirty data. We talk about how detrimental it can be to a business, the importance of being on one system of record, and metrics you should focus on (hint: it isn't vanity metrics.)
'The Number One Issue in SaaS: Dirty Data' — 8 minute read

What we're reading

Scott Brinker gives us all a 'heads up' about what Marketing disruptions to expect in the coming year. 
'5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 1: Digital Transformation' — 6 minutes

Steve Woods suggests that instead of scouring for 'buying signals' in your account-based marketing processes, but instead look for 'help signals'. Here's why.
'Why Help Signals Are More Effective Sales Triggers Than Buying Signals' — 2 minutes

A Sales Guy Blog talks account-based marketing and answers an important question not many are answering; how to execute an effective ABM program. 
'5 ABM Tips That Will Build Your Pipeline Now' — 5 minutes

Joanna Lord gives her thoughts on when to kist-start Product Marketing, how to go about hiring the right skill-set, and much more. 
'ClassPass’ CMO on How and When to Invest in Product Marketing' — 12 minutes

Brad Brooks shares a few key points about the formula that can lead to hyper-growth and innovation 📈
'DocuSign CMO Shares His Formula For Hypergrowth And Innovation' — 2 minutes

Dave Gerhardt gathers the thoughts of seven top sales executives about what criteria they evaluate sales candidates on. This is a very interesting piece, give it a read. 
'Sales Interview Questions: What The Top VPs Are Asking Candidates Today' — 3 minutes

Tren Griffin relates 'customer acquisition cost' (CAC) to a belly button... how? Only one way to find out 👇
'Why is Customer Acquisition Cost like a Belly Button?' — 12 minutes

Meme of the week

Merry Christmas from the FunnelCake team; here are some unconventional Christmas movies to watch:

  1. The Godfather
  2. Die Hard
  3. Goodfellas
  4. Harry Potter
  5. Lethal Weapon
  6. Rocky IV

Enjoy 🎅 

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