ICYMI: November 13, 2016

What we wrote

Kelly Winter, digital marketer at Sortable, joined us to chat about the dysfunctional relationship between sales and marketing. 

"Putting yourself into a salesperson's shoes will make you a better marketer."

We also discuss the things marketers can do to better understand their sales counterparts, how team structure can impact the relationship, and how senior leadership can help. Enjoy!
'Kelly Winter on Sales and Marketing's (Dysfunctional) Relationship' — 8-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Skyfollow is doing a survey of demand marketers.
    Please take 5 minutes to fill this out – 5 minutes

  2. The Harvard Business Review published an article over a decade ago about sales and marketing alignment that is still 100% accurate and relates very well to a lot of the topics we spoke about with Kelly Winter in this week's blog.
    'Ending the War Between Sales and Marketing' — 25 minutes

  3. David Skok released part two of his 2016 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey which includes interesting statistics about SaaS operations, pricing, churn, capital requirements, and accounting. 
    '2016 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey – Part 2' — 8 minutes

  4. Jon Miller encourages you to think about marketing measurement and metrics differently when using an account-based marketing strategy. 
    'A New Way to Think About Marketing Metrics' — 4 minutes

  5. Brian Anderson shares a study that shows the biggest obstacles to achieving demand generation goals. 
    'Study: B2B Marketers Low On Demand Gen Resources And Budget' — 2 minutes

  6. Jonathan Lacoste interviews Brad Brooks from DocuSign about bringing some much-needed emotion into the marketing equation.
    'Bringing Emotion Back Into B2B Marketing' — 5 minutes

  7. Helen Mayhew describes eight elements that can lead to clarity in your data analytics.
    'Making data analytics work for you—instead of the other way around' — 20 minutes

  8. John Anagnost explains how they used sales enablement and account-based marketing to get Rocket Fuel's teams aligned and boost sales opportunities. 
    'Sales Enablement and ABM Spur Sales Opportunities at Rocket Fuel' — 5 minutes

  9. Martin Kihn walks through whether you should be using an attribution solution, a mix modeling solution, or both. 
    'Should You Do Attribution or Mix Modeling, or Both?' — 4 minutes

  10. Peter Buscemi offers some excellent tips when developing a demand gen strategy in order to be able to create a repeatable process. 
    'Demand Generation Plan: The Process – Part 1' — 10 minutes

  11. Sanjay Castelino explains that modern demand gen managers are masters of technology and marketing, and that finding the right person for the job is crucial to building your business. 
    'What to Look for When Hiring a Demand Generation Manager' — 2 minutes

Meme of the week

Hey – it's Marko, founder and CEO at FunnelCake.

As marketers we have a profound influence on our audience: we bombard people with messages every day and our choices can cause them them feel hope and joy, or anxiety and fear. At our most aspirational, we believe our messaging shapes how people see their world at work and at home.

No matter where you sit ideologically, now is the time to focus on positivity, inclusion, and diversity. The words and images you choose for marketing campaigns matter. Use the time and attention that your audience gives you to help them feel hope and joy.

It's more important than ever to make your audience believe that no matter how much it feels like the world is against them right now, you're with them.

Fired up. Ready to go.

– Marko

P.S. if you really need a meme this week, here is Obama with kids.

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