ICYMI: October 30th, 2016

What we wrote

Andy Crestodina, the co-founder and strategic director at Orbit Media Studios, spoke to us about effective content creation. 

"I’ve never seen a medium quality post go viral."

We talk about the two main types of content that get results, brainstorming exercises, and the missing piece to a lot of content strategies. Enjoy!
'Andy Crestodina on (Effective) Content Creation' — 10-minute read

What we're reading

  1. Kevin Hurley put together a list of the best sales blogs to keep you on top of your game. 
    'Best Sales Blogs for Non-Stop, Modern Sales Goodness' — 7 minutes
  2. Brian Anderson shares a study that indicates less than 20% of companies are able to track leads through their entire funnel — 😳
    'Study: Less Than 20% Of Companies Can Track Leads Through The Funnel' — 3 minutes
  3. Veronica Jarski shares a helpful infographic that will help you cut down on unnecessary meetings and get the most out of the existing ones. 
    '10 Ways to Make Your Marketing Meetings More Productive' — 1 minute + infographic
  4. Michael Hinshaw explains how (truly) understanding the ROI of customer journey mapping can pay huge dividends for your company, saving months of time and effort. 
    'The ROI of Customer Journey Mapping' — 3 minutes
  5. Tomaz Tunguz stresses the importance of knowing your 'go to market math' in startups. He includes an interactive worksheet that if you haven't performed yet, you should.
    'The Essential Go To Market Math For Beating Your SaaS Startup's Growth Targets' — 4 minutes
  6. Jeffrey Cohen encourages you to think about what's more important than a B2B buyer's lead score. Hint: the answer lies within your marketing automation. 
    What’s more important than a B2B buyer’s lead score?' — 4 minutes
  7. Jason Lemkin explains why he thinks you don't necessarily need both a VP of Marketing, and a VP of Demand Gen. Read to find out why.
    'What are the differences between a VP of Marketing and a VP of Demand Gen?' — 3 minutes
  8. Adam Geitgey has put together a brilliant explanation of what machine learning is for those who have always been a little fuzzy about the topic 🤔
    'Machine Learning is Fun!' — 14 minutes
  9. Marketo delivers a fun ebook about the 'dangers' of a mediocre marketing automation.
    'The Dangers of a "Good Enough" Marketing Automation Solution' — 39-page ebook (download necessary)
  10. Shilpi Choudhury explains why in today's world where decisions are data-driven, why information dashboards are so appealing to the human mind. 
    'The Psychology Behind Information Dashboards' — 7 minutes

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Halloween is here 🎃  take a look at this list of trending costumes for 2016 brought to you by Google Frightgeist. 

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