ICYMI: October 16th, 2016

What we wrote

Pete Caputa, the VP of Sales at Hubspot, joined us to chat about the sales process. 

"Salespeople need to think of themselves more like marketers"

We also chat about sales training, the importance of quality sales enablement assets, and the frustration of lazy prospecting. 
'Pete Caputa on the Sales Process' — 15 minute read

What we're reading

  1. Scott Brinker talks about how marketing technology—the sector and the discipline—is starting to mature. In typical Scott Brinker fashion, he backs it up with all the most relevant, and up-to-date data. 
    'Marketing technology utilization takes a major swing upward' — 5 minutes
  2. The Demand Gen Report presents a five-step process to help maximize ROI with your account-based strategies. They go on to explain how to develop content for nurture success, and creating a predictive platform. 
    'ABM, Nurturing And Data Spotlight Inaugural Campaign Optimization Series' — 8 minutes
  3. David Sottimano shares a SEO task list he uses that is designed to help junior team members get the right skills from hands-on work. 
    'An Essential Training Task List for Junior SEOs' — 16 minutes
  4. Tomasz Tunguz explains that a companies sales plan is always a work in progess, even for massively successful companies. Here's his advice on how to start your plan.
    'Designing A Sales Quota Structure At The Earliest Stages Of A SaaS Startup' — 3 minutes
  5. Jack Dean encourages B2B marketers and sellers to focus on the business priorities, rather than pain-points, when dealing with CXO buyers. 
    'Do You Think CXO Buyers Would Rather Talk To a “Problem Solver” or a “Business Advisor”?' — 12 minutes
  6. Jason Cohen takes a stand on a tough question: the most important SaaS metric. Take a read to find out!
    'No wait, of course THAT is the single most important SaaS metric' — 4 minutes
  7. Dave Kellogg shares his modern SaaS executive must-read book list and gives his review of the most recent addition 'Aligned to Achieve'. 
    'Aligned to Achieve: A B2B Marketing Classic' — 4 minutes

Meme of the week

This week, we wanted to share something to give you a smile after a couple of dark weeks in the news. Here's a collection of videos our team looks at when they need a smile.

  1. Baby sings Buffalo soldier by Bob Marley — what a performance!
  2. iHosico — videos about the daily life of a Scottish cat named Hosico
  3. Peanut butter in a cup — the perfect song to get you (and your team) pumped up
  4. Look at this car!! — this is a classic
  5. Donaldson hustles home — Blue Jay fans, this ones for you 

Enjoy 😊

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