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Laura Brodie runs marketing for Bridgit. In this interview, Laura discusses how they're filling an education gap in their market to build their brand. Read the interview on our blog.
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What we're reading

  1. Austin Duck breaks down how to leverage storytelling to generate leads (despite what South Park has to say). Head to Uberflip's blog to learn "How to Leverage Storytelling for B2B Lead Generation."
    8 minutes
  2. Lincoln Murphy shows how social proof can work for you, or against you.. and even though Kim Kardashian might not be the right celebrity endorser for your product… Snoop Dogg might? Read "How Social Proof Actually Works in Marketing."
    7 minutes
  3. Claudine Bianchi warns marketers reading the title to not get too excited and goes through the changing landscape of sale. Read "Death Of The Salesman? And What Would That Mean For Marketers?"
    4 minutes
  4. Kevan Lee on Buffer's blog provides insight on finding the perfect word, sentence, or paragraph. You, too, can "Be the Shakespeare of Facebook."
    27 minutes
  5. Taylor Singletary of Slack shares tips on "Writing Great Documentation."
    8 minutes
  6. Jason Fried, in what is ostensibly a sales pitch for Know Your Company, provides a lot of great questions you should be asking your team. Read "Is Your Door Really Always Open?"
    2 minutes
  7. Kristina Halvorson compiled a bunch of links about a content audit. We promise we weren't Twitter stalking. List of links.
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It snowed. In New York. Where they have pandas?

Stop everything and watch this. Now go make your customers feel such joy.

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