ICYMI: November 29, 2015

What we wrote

2016 is coming

Marko wrote about how marketing measurement changed – it's not enough to know your conversion rates. Here are 7 questions to ask your marketing team as you plan for 2016.
3 minute read

Andrew wrote about microservices architecture. It's a technical read, but if you're a product marketer this is valuable advice for moving your team to faster deliverables. Read "Microservices, Compartmentalization, and You."
6 minutes

What we're reading

Lead gen turkey coma

  1. Jason Lemkin discusses "Top 10 Mistakes Getting to $100M ARR."
    An hour, transcript available
  2. This is an older post by David Skok, but it's new to me! In this eight-part series he breaks down how to build a customer-centric sales and marketing process. It's amazing. The flowcharts! Set aside an hour for "Building The Machine."
    It's eight parts (the conclusion is great.)
  3. Liz Bedor on Marketing Insider Group explains why no one reads your content: you wrote it for yourself, instead of for your buyer. Learn "How to Create Content People Love."
    6 minutes
  4. BuzzSumo gathers "The Best B2B Content Of 2015."
    It's a rabbit hole
  5. Doug Kessler at Velocity Partners reminds us it's quarterly "Watch that talk by Simon Sinek" time in "Why your B2B content marketing should ‘Start With Why’."
    5 minutes, plus 18 to watch Simon's talk
  6. Russell Banzon at Influitive explains why SEO, SEM, and forcing social to work, well, doesn't. Great points in "The Most Important Marketing Tactic Not In Your 2016 Plans."
    4 minutes
  7. Driftt put together a rather great presentation on messaging. "How To Launch A Product: 7 Tips To Drive Demand."
    68 handy slides (don't worry, they have like four words each)
  8. Justin Jackson breaks down how product release cycles need to learn from Adele. I mean Iron Maiden. Read "Build Demand Like a Band."
    4 minutes
  9. Speaking of demand, Kimbe MacMaster at Vidyard shares some great tips on building the hype machine in "7 Things B2B Marketers Can Learn from Black Friday."
    22 handy slides
  10. And speaking of consumerism... Ali Mese breaks down the many ways we treat our customers poorly through acquisition and retention. Amazing insights here. Read "The Consumer Isn’t A Moron."
    10 minutes

Meme of the week

This moment on Bob's Burgers is pure, unadultered Thanksgiving glory. (Also don't let your 2016 plan turn out like this.)

Marko Savic