ICYMI: November 15, 2015

What we wrote

Channeling the future

Heather Galt is an Executive in Residence at Communitech's Rev program. We interviewed Heather on channel marketing, how it compares to direct marketing, and when it makes sense for your company to pursue a channel strategy. Read the interview.
10 minute read

Andrew Lawton, our CTO, kicked off our engineering blog with a post on why writing is complicated. It's a great read, "Words Are Hard."
4 minutes

The Globe and Mail wrote about us and three ways we're building a customer-centric business. Read "How Do You Sell a Product That's Still Being Developed?"
4 minutes

What we're reading

Marketing is selling is marketing

  1. Adam Brophy at Uberflip writes our favourite article of the week.This applies to whoever you're selling to, not just marketers. "How NOT to Sell to Marketers."
    6 minutes
  2. Greg Satell, writing for Harvard Business Review, rips into the mass production of content in the name of metrics. Read "Content Is Crap, and Other Rules for Marketers."
    5 minutes
  3. Over at Inc, Danny Iny continues this thread by using Malcolm Gladwell's writing style to inform how we should make decisions in "The Single Worst Piece of Marketing Advice."
    3 minutes
  4. Tom Tunguz (you should be subscribed to his blog, it's awesome) writes about urgency as part of the sales process. Sometimes marketing can help with that. Read "The Number One Objection In The Sales Funnel."
    2 minutes
  5. Oh, hey it's more Tom Tunguz! This post is from earlier this summer but good to think about in this week's theme: "The Expanding Role Of Marketing In SaaS Companies."
    3 minutes
  6. Craig Miller, CMO at Shopify, put together a list of articles for new team members to read when they join. He shared it on Medium and it's full of magic. "The Growth Team Reading List."
    A rabbit hole of weekend reading
  7. Speaking of marketing plans, Matthew Buckley shares the basics high-growth marketing teams need to focus on in "A SaaS Marketing Plan for High Growth Companies."
    7 minutes, via Chad McCaffrey

Meme of the week

The best part of last week was Taco Bell's amazing new emoji engine. Simply tweet a taco emoji and a random emoji to Taco Bell and get a magical gif of taco goodness. Amazing use of Twitter bots and emoji.

Marko Savic