ICYMI: November 1, 2015

What we wrote

Product = marketing

Alexa Meyer, Director of Marketing at Keen IO, spoke with us about the importance of product metrics for marketing teams. Learn how they inform everything from drip campaigns to campaign measurement, how to implement product analytics, and where to get started as a non-technical person. Read the interview on our blog.
9 minute read

Cassandra Jowett, Content Manager at Influitive, spoke with us about advocate marketing programs, including questions like what exactly advocate marketing is, how to start an advocacy program, and where it fits within your customer journey. Read the interview on our blog.
11 minutes

What we're reading

Prospects are people too

  1. Paul Graham reminds us that writing shouldn't be so hard in "Write Like You Talk."
    4 minutes
  2. Jimmy Daly breaks down how Zazzle could have improved their customer experience by sending less email. There's a hilarious screenshot that explains what's wrong with much of modern marketing. Take these tips to heart in "You Don’t Have to Send So Many Emails."
    5 minutes, via April Dunford
  3. Braveen Kumar on the Uberflip blog highlights a growing problem in content marketing: we've become so fascinated with content that we lose focus on the people who are reading it, like do they even care about this topic? Slow down your content machine and "Sell Me This Pen (With Content Marketing)."
    6 minutes
  4. Roger Dooley investigates the neuroscience behind headlines with some cheap wins that could get you a few more clicks (but try to keep Braveen's article in mind for the body of your post). Read "How To Write Headlines That Surprise The Brain."
    3 minutes
  5. SendWithUs has a fantastic step-by-step guide for building transactional emails, covering everything from acquisition to referrals. Bookmark this and refer back to it forever. You must read "How to Send Email Like a Startup."
    About an hour, but it'll save you weeks.
  6. Walter Chen wrote a great post on Inbound.org on "How to Hire Great Content Marketers."
    8 minutes
  7. Okay – so we don't usually link to software. But you need to check Finch out. It lets you modify websites in the browser like they're Word documents and then spits out the code to make it work. If anything it will help you discuss changes with your dev team or agency. Plus their in-page demo is something we should all strive for. Check out Finch.
    Timeless, mostly because how do you measure the reading time of software?
  8. Sandy Moore on Hubspot's blog runs through what makes great B2B marketing by analyzing "7 Examples of SaaS Companies with Exceptional Marketing."
    11 minutes
  9. Don Otvos on the always great First Round Review details everything he's learn on how to architect a modern sales team, from comp plans to communication strategies. You should read "The Company-Changing Magic of Sales Operations Done Right."
    16 minutes
  10. Carla Johnson on B2B Marketing Insider share some data on why attributing marketing to revenue is so hard (but you still really need to do it.) Good stuff in "Marketing’s Leadership Role in Driving Revenue."
    6 minutes

Cat video of the week

So... we couldn't find a video of Drake with a cat, but we're pretty obsessed with his new video. Instead here's 32 of the best Drake memes. (If you're wondering why Drake is a meme, this New York Times article has you covered.)

Bonus: Hello.

Marko Savic