ICYMI: October 4, 2015

What we wrote

Blockers gonna block

Content blockers are all the rage. One thing that hasn't seem to come up in conversation is how content blockers block Google Analytics, Marketo, and more. Read "Content Blockers are Going to Ruin Your Metrics."
6 minute read

We're experimenting with posting on Medium. We've heard good stuff about it, and wow – is it true. This post received over 6,000 views and 3,242 reads. Read "Ads Are Dead, Long Live Ads!"
5 minutes

Our weekly marketer interviews come back this Tuesday!

What we're reading

It's all about the team

  1. Sujan Patel has an excellent overview of how to use visuals in your social media posts. Read "How to Use Visual Storytelling to Seduce Your Audience." 
    8 minutes
  2. Mike Weir, writing on LinkedIn Pulse, covers how to do lead generation by building value instead of being annoying. "Lead Generation: Are You the Annoying Party Guest?"
    5 minutes
  3. Kristen Hamilton, in our obligatory link to First Round, shares 7 key traits you should look for in candidates and specific questions to asses them. Check out "Hire a Top Performer Every Time with These Interview Questions."
    12 minutes – immensely practical, useful, and permanently bookmarked
  4. Jessie Jones writing for Arcompany delves into the issues companies face when too many silos pop up in your company and how you can work through them. Anyone who's run into the dreaded sales and marketing battle should read "A Revealing Look at the Impact of Silos."
    12 minutes
  5. Andy Wilson, via Jason Lemkin's fantastic SaaaStr community, shares hands-on tactics for when you're working the booth at an event. "10 Things We’ve Learned From Exhibiting at Dozens of Trade Shows."
    6 minutes
  6. Marketo's CMO, Sanjay Dholakia, talks about the future of marketing. Instead of just focusing on user acquisition, marketing's role is moving to encompass the entire customer lifecycle. Learn how in "A New Definition For Marketing: Lessons From MyFitnessPal."
    11 minutes
  7. Speaking of the full customer lifecycle, Tony Zambito shares how we need to drive deeper into our customer experience to really understand what drives buyer choices. Read "3 Ways CMOs Can Achieve Deeper Insights Into the Customer Journey."
    4 minutes
  8. Shelly Kramer over at V3B shares a new report on how people engage with content. The results will shock you! (Not really, but read it anyway.) "Content Engagement Remains a Challenge for Brands."
    5 minutes
  9. Uberflip tweeted this exceptional flow-chart of when you should gate content.
    A couple of seconds followed by the inevitable rethinking of all your marketing plans

Cat video of the week

Adam Khan shows in a Vine every parent can relate to how the future of advertising will work.

Marko Savic