ICYMI: October 18, 2015

What we wrote

Customer service is marketing

Leena Thampan, CMO at Wagepoint, built her customer service team into her marketing team. Why? Because customer service is the only department that remains in contact with your customer through every part of their lifecycle. Learn why she did it (and how it's worked out) on our blog.
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What we're reading

Tactical strategies and how-to's

  1. Brian Solis wrote a feature for Forbes on micro-moments. You might have heard of them through Google's Think With Google, but Brian breaks down why they're important to marketers and how to apply them to your business. Read "CMOs Are Missing Trends In Digital Marketing Micro-Moment By Micro-Moment."
    7 minutes
  2. Eric at Growth Everywhere shares a very detailed list of places and tactics to give your content bigger reach. Bookmark this one. "Content Expansion: How To Maximize Your Content."
    17 minutes plus videos, via Jason Falls
  3. Ryan Robinson writing for Infusionsoft shares tips for how to triage new tasks and say no to the ones that will be distracting. Surprisingly practical advice in "To Be More Productive, Just Say No."
    8 minutes, via Uberflip
  4. Jim Williams at Influitive shares why customer engagement is marketing's job, with tips on everything from inbound, in trial, to getting referrals. Read "The Relationship Between Customer Engagement, Loyalty And Revenue."
    4 minutes
  5. Katie Richards looks into the CMO behind Airbnb's new branding and their aspirations to be the next Coke. "How Airbnb's CMO Transformed the Company Into a Super Brand in Just 18 Months."
    2 minutes, via Alexa Meyer
  6. Adam Waid on the Pardot blog shares some (probably obvious) tactics for turning content into lead gen tools in "Improving B2B Lead Gen with Your Company’s Blog."
    3 minutes
  7. Barron Ernst has advice for when you're expanding your team. While written for employees, flip this around and create a path for your team to be successful. "Being Successful in Your First 90 Days at a New Job."
    7 minutes
  8. McKinsey on Marketing & Sales has a new post on how marketing's transition to focus on growth and revenue, not just ads. It's driven by data, but marketer's still aren't making the most of it. Learn more in "The Marketer Strikes Back."
    7 minutes
  9. When you stop rolling your eyes at the title (how Millennial of you), this post on how Millenials are now decision makers in B2Bs is full of generally good advice on how buying has changed for everybody – not just people 30 and under. Read the unfortunately titled "The New Era of Millennial B2B Marketing: How to Get on Board."
    5 minutes

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When they asked us to build a rocketship they didn't know this is what we'd deliver.

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