ICYMI: September 20, 2015

What we wrote

Is it local?

We had a friend ask how to build an inbound lead strategy, so Marko wrote a blog post about it. If you're curious how we're building our company, look no further than this blog post – "7 Ways to Build an Organic Lead Farm."
3 minute read

For the audiophiles, our podcast on marketing systems management is up. Mike Griebenow share's his experience, and there's a lot of bonus content that wasn't in the blog post. Take a listen.
17 minutes

What we're reading

Ads are dead, but marketing lives on

  1. Casey Johnston from The Awl has the most important article you'll read on ad blocking. If you read one thing from this newsletter please have it be "Welcome To The Block Party."
    11 minutes
  2. Edward Boches delves into the creative brief and how the most compelling marketing moves beyond facts and into the emotion that drives our decision making skills. Share this with your team, "The insight: the most important part of the brief."
    3 minutes of reading, many more of embedded videos, via Jason Falls
  3. Jordan Teicher writing for Contently shares how The New York Times rebuilt their email strategy around communities of interest, helping them get to a 70% email open rate. Lots of great stuff in "How The New York Times Gets 70% Email Open Rates."
    6 minutes, via Francois Mathieu
  4. We've linked to First Round Review in every edition of this Newsletter. It's just so good. Here Garret Morin discusses how branding differentiates Harry's, and where you need to focus your brand to build your business. "This Startup Cracked a $2.4 Billion Market with Branding — Here’s Their Formula."
    10 minutes
  5. Ellen Gomes from Marketo is on Vidyard's blog with some very excellent tips on how to bring better design into your content (and why that's necessary.) Read "Design That Shines: How To Choose The Right Design For Your Content."
    9 minutes
  6. Speaking of design, Daniel Eckler compiled his favourite product landing pages from this year. Some great inspiration in here if you're thinking of a website redesign. "The 21 Best Designed App Landing Pages of 2015."
    5 minutes, plus the 2 hours you'll lose navigating each of these websites
  7. Niemen Lab's podcast newsletter shares a great story on bringing content creators into your organization to craft inbound content. Focusing on the Cleveland Browns, this is a must read if you want to build a world-class inbound strategy, "Hot Pod: Patronage, Screenshorting Audio, and the Cleveland Browns."
    12 minutes, via Steve Krysak
  8. Trevor Young shares a great case study with The Goulet Pen Company. You wouldn't think pen and paper made for great digital media but they've built an amazing community for their business. If you think your buyer isn't on social you're wrong. Read "Social Media Engagement as a Point of Differentiation."
    5 minutes, via Jason Falls
  9. Meghan Golin from LinkedIn has an interesting landing page built around an eBook by Brian Solis. It's a good summary and you can download the eBook. "Can your Funnel Monster be Tamed?"
    3 minutes and your first born child to download the eBook

Cat video of the week

We're sorry. It's not a cat. But this crazy Otter demonstrates what content blockers are currently doing to the publishing industry.

Bonus: Jason Lemkin, who is the funniest person to follow during Dreamforce, has a new acronym for us: UYNWARH. Use it wisely.

Marko Savic