ICYMI: September 6, 2015

From us

Marketing systems are hard.

Mike Griebenow from Vidyard spoke with us about marketing systems management: what you should look for in marketing automation systems and the risks associated with switching platforms; when you should get a full-time systems person; and Dance Mix '93.
9 minute read

Our CEO, Marko Savic, wrote a guest post on the Wagepoint blog. Marko talks about how to structure a modern marketing team: who to hire full-time and when to leverage an agency.
4 minutes

Don't forget about our podcast – our conversation with Jennifer Tribe on influencer marketing is up.
12 minutes

From the industry

Subheadings are also hard.

  1. Karen Wickre shares her experience networking: while meeting new people is hard, keeping a network alive is even harder. Learn how to treat your network like it's made of humans in "I’ve Spent A Lifetime Building a Mighty Network. Here Are My Secrets."
    8 minutes, via Steve Woods
  2. Our friends at Uberflip discuss how to add humour into B2B marketing. It's not all cat videos (as much as we think it should be.) Read "A Serious Look at Adding Humor to Your B2B Content Marketing."
    6 minutes
  3. Christopher Penn concludes a 6-part series on PR with "How to Choose a PR Strategy: Choosing the Right Strategy."
    5 minutes, via Jason Falls
  4. AdWeek covers how an Amazon employee got in front of the New York Times story before Amazon's PR team could craft a response, showing how open employee social media and press policies can create a net benefit. "Amazon Case Marks an Employee Takeover of the Communications Machine."
    4 minutes
  5. Peter Kazanjy writing for First Round Review shares some great tips in how to grow as a sales rep (and very useful for marketing, too.) Learn to let go by reading "10 Ways You Need to Change How You Think and Talk to Succeed at Sales."
    14 minutes
  6. Speaking of your sales team, Jon Reed at Diginomica gives some tips for using sales team and customer feedback for improving your marketing in "From opt-out to customer relevance – five essential B2B content tactics."
    7 minutes
  7. David Meerman Scott wants us to stop selling like it's 1999 and start focusing on what our buyers need from us. Read "Are You Selling When Buyers Are Ready?"
  8. LinkedIn's Marketing Blog wants to expand your travel schedule with "Marketing Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss This Fall."
    5 minutes
  9. Also from LinkedIn and a good companion piece to our article on in-house vs. agency: "Six Roles You Should Expect From Your Digital Agency Partners."
    4 minutes
  10. The adpocolypse is coming: iOS 9's content blocking feature is likely to break many of your ad tracking systems when it drops after this week's Apple event. Get prepared for the future with Jean-Louis Gassée's "Life After Content Blocking," followed by the New York Times exploration of how native ads changed Allrecipes in "With Technology, Avoiding Both Ads and the Blockers" (and seriously consider a switch to native ads.)
    6 minutes and 4 minutes, respectively
  11. David Sacks, Stewart Butterfield and Jason Lemkin walk into a bar. They each order a drink, then swap, being happier with the others' choice. The bartender looks confused, so David explains "It didn't work for me, but it works for him." Jokes aside, if you're interested in growth models, enterprise onboarding strategies, and when self-service works, check out this interview with David and Stewart by Jason – "Unicorns or Bust."
    32 minute read, or a 42 minute video. Seriously, don't skip this one just because of my bad joke.

Cat video of the week

Danielle Morrill, CEO of Mattermark, has blessed us all with Cattermark: cat gifs reacting to the market. Cattermark had an excellent Tweetstorm last week and this gif is not to be missed.

BonusBrad Frost put together an amazing site on the bullshit that afflicts us on the web. Check out Death To Bullshit (be sure to turn bullshit mode on).

Marko Savic