ICYMI: August 9, 2015

From us

"Don't tweet stupid shit."

Trish Crompton, digital journalist and social media manager for Communitechspoke with us on our blog. There's some great insights on how to use your customer's voice to tell your story.
8 minute read

Native ads are taking over the web. We wrote a primer to get you started: learn what native ads are; and how to find, buy, create, and measure them. (If you're still stuck doing display ads, send this comic to your VP.)
6 minutes

From the industry

Is marketing losing it's soul?

  1. Travis Gertz wrote an amazing piece on the divergence of design, content, and technology; and how it affects marketing. It's a long piece, but if you're working on a website redesign or your content strategy you need to read it – "Design Machines: How To Survive the Digital Apocalypse."
    26 minutes but totally worth it. Via Kristina Halvorson of BrainTraffic
  2. Joshua Benton at Nieman Lab summarizes some hilariously insightful tweets by the New York Times' creative director on moving traditional brands into digital environments in "It’s like seeing your grandpa in a nightclub."
    5 minutes
  3. Adam Pisoni writing for First Round Review shares lessons from how the military communicates evolving strategies. This is essential reading for anyone in marketing leadership. "What Startups Can Learn from General McChrystal about Combining Strategy and Execution."
    12 minutes
  4. Tom Tunguz dives into the Box user model: how do you scale marketing, sales, and customer success from SMBs to Enterprise? It's a short but impactful read. You'll want to steal his diagram from "How Box Segments Their Customer Success Team."
    2 minutes, via Francois Mathieu of Uberflip
  5. Demian Farnworth at Copyblogger highlights where machine learning can help generate copy, and where humans will always be needed to articulate emotion in "Don’t Panic, But This Article Was Written by an Algorithm."
    6 minutes
  6. Uberflip's VP of Marketing, Hana Abaza, writing for Fortune riffs on the classic Glengarry Ross spiel. Emphasizing how content marketing needs to be integrated into your sales process in "Forget 'Coffee's for Closers.' Instead, Think: 'Content's for Closers."
    7 minutes
  7. Harvard Business Review shares some very interesting data on what buyer's are looking for (tl;dr: relationships) and how a stronger link is required between Sales and Marketing to make this happen in "What Salespeople Need To Know About The New B2B Landscape."
    9 minutes, via Loren Padelford of Shopify
  8. Marketing Land's guest columnist Jim Williams explores our growing reliance on data instead of human connection in "Have Marketers Forgotten What It’s Like To Be Human?"
    5 minutes
  9. B2BMarketing explains what a data scientist is, how they fit into a B2B marketing organization, and why you need one in "The Rise of the Data Scientist."
    6 minutes
  10. Contently proves B2Bs can feel more human with "5 B2B Brands That Rock Instagram."
    4 minutes
  11. Jason M. Lemkin ends our theme on human connection in his Quora post, "I Never Lost a Customer I Actually Visited."
    4 minutes

Cat video of the week

Technology is changing so fast, this cat knows your feels.

For some additional laughs: regardless of your political affiliation this promoted tweet from Hilary Clinton is well written, well timed, and utterly hilarious. Marketing Profs has some advice (and a video!) for handling mean tweets.

Marko Savic