ICYMI: July 26, 2015

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Content marketing is eating the world

  1. The top 100 B2B marketing influencers on Twitter, put together by Onalytica.
  2. PostBeyond wrote a great article on how to use employee social media to drive your brand forward (particularly for recruiting).
  3. Why brand storytelling without story craft is doomed to fail emphasizes our need to bring emotion back into our fact-based editorial calendars.
  4. Speed as a Habit from the excellent First Round Review extolls the virtues of moving fast and measuring things in replacement of having The Perfect Plan™. Well worth reading (and a blog worth subscribing to).
  5. Marketing Shouldn't Be A Dirty Word is a great summary of the bad rep marketing has in an increasingly engineering driven culture. Three cheers for more measurement and less BS. (via April Dunford)
  6. Uberflip's cofounder/COO was interviewed in How a Content Marketing Company Does Content Marketing.
  7. This widely circulated article from the Content Marketing Institute wants you to stretch one topic over eight articles and two months. It's a good way to generate editorial content, but be careful not to bore your audience. Contrast with Build Trust, Not Traffic.
  8. Hubspot put together a comprehensive guide for content marketing strategy. It's a good place to start. While you're working on that, pick up the fantastic Content Strategy For The Web (it's one of our favourites).
  9. Speaking of books, you can enter this contest to win a Dream Marketing Library (or you can just add these books to your Amazon Wish List, like we did).
  10. HBR wrote about the Content Marketing Revolution. It's here to stay, and moving to bigger and bigger brands, and they're starting to poach journalists from the newsroom. But are B2Bs missing the mark?

Bonus: is ad tracking at risk?

Winter is coming

There's growing conversation about ad-tracking and the state of the web. For most marketing teams, there isn't much to worry about – yet. There's a lot of discussion about ad platforms, user tracking on third-party sites, and what content publishers should do about it.

Short term? You could start to see lower performance in display and retargeting ads. Long term? There's a risk for your marketing automation apps: if ad-blockers begin to target marketing automation systems, you may no longer be able to track buyer activities on your own website. This is important in light of Apple's Safari Content Blocker in iOS 9.

If you want to get nerdy about it:

Cat video of the week

Okay – so we planned to link to a cat video. You work hard and you deserve a good smile at the end of a hard week. But this isn't a cat video. What could be more important than a cat dressed as a shark riding a roomba chasing a duck?

Well, Airbnb seems to have given their agency free reign over their Twitter account. The results are hilarious (and a little bit creepy.) There's a video, too.

Marko Savic