ICYMI: January 10, 2016

What we wrote

We're back! It looks like we forgot to send out any issues in December, but we're glad some of you noticed! We're back on schedule for 2016 πŸ™Œ

We're hosting a conference! It's called The Marketing Leap, it's in Waterloo on February 29th and we'd love to see you there. We have some amazing speakers like Jason Falls, April Dunford, Mark Evans, Holly Tiessen; and marketers from Shopify, D2L, Vidyard, and Miovision. Plus actual funnel cakes.
One magical day. Use code ICYMI to save 25% on registration.

Joe Gelata, head of global revenue operations for Vidyard, talks with us about making revenue part of your marketing team's culture. It's a must-read.
11 minute read – Joe is speaking about this in depth at The Marketing Leap

Shum Attygalle of Axonify talks with us about marketing education: where the gaps are, what we need to teach new grads, and how can we improve the education system. Check out the interview.
13 minutes

What we're reading

We skipped the year-end reviews

  1. Mike Volpe is smart. He's seen crazy revenue plans. He's seen why they get made and he wants you to stop it. This post is awesome. Read "The Pixie Dust in Your Revenue Plan."
    6 minutes
  2. Jeremy Waite from Salesforce is writing about trendsβ€”but not in your typical listicle way. This is a deep dissection of what we think should happen and what's actually happening from real-time personalization to privacy. Read "Digital Marketing in 2016 - The 5 Trends You Need to Care About."
    14 minutes
  3. Robleh Jama shares how they got press coverage for Next Keyboard from The Verge, The New York TimesBuzzfeed, and more. It's a deep post in modern press relations. Read "The Press Release Is Dead. Here Are Its Replacements."
    9 minutes, via Francois Mathieu
  4. Peter Kazanjy, cofounder of TalentBin, gives some amazing examples of sales outreach templates on First Round Review. "Here are the Scripts for Sales Success β€” Emails, Calls and Demos That Close Deals."
    27 minutes, but most of that is reading examples
  5. Vidyard shares some shocking stats from Forrester, such as 62% of executives think the content they get is useless. More in this article and a free download of the full report: "Forrester Claims Marketing Content Not Relevant for Sales Teams, Customers."
    1 minute
  6. Hilary Milnes put together a beautiful post about Tiffany and how they use social media to grow their business. A lot to learn in "How Tiffany found its Twitter voice."
    3 minutes
  7. Ann Handley shares some great questions to ask yourself when evaluating your tone of voice. Great, great stuff. "5 Keys to Developing a Strong Tone of Voice in Your Content Marketing."
    7 minutes
  8. Gavin Finn from Marketing Profs shares questions you should ask to understand why growth isn't happening and dives into each to solve the problems. Ask your team "The Three Most Important B2B Marketing Questions for 2016."
    6 minutes; also these questions should be asked in 2017 and 2018 too
  9. Alex Birkett at ConversionXL explores the different ways marketings teams can use the trend towards honesty, from Buffer sharing everything to simplifying your copywriting, there's a lot to learn in "Why You Should Embrace Transparency Marketing."
    11 minutes
  10. John Herrman for The Awl captures how media changed when brands started publishing their own content. This is a must-read for anyone working in communications. Read "Access Denied."
    23 minutes

Meme of the week

There's a new social network! It's called πŸ‘ (peach.cool) and it's really fun. We don't think it's going to take over the world but it has some great details. Like Slack, you can add gifs anywhere. You can draw. You can add your steps for the day.

It's weird and wonderful and even if it doesn't stick around we're glad it's here.

Marko Savic