Namely Increases Conversion Rates by 1.5x

Within a quarter of launching FunnelCake with the Sales team, Namely has seen viral adoption of the platform leading to significant improvement in how sales reps drive revenue.


About Namely

Namely’s mission is to help mid-sized companies build a better workplace. Namely is the HR, payroll, and benefits platform that makes it possible. 

Launched in 2012

HQ in New York, NY

Backed by GGV Capital

250+ employees
80+ person sales team

In this case study:

Mike Brown
Vice President of Revenue Operations

Michael Townsend
Vice President of Sales, Central

Kevin Cote
Vice President of Sales, East

The need

Mike Brown, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Namely, needed a tool to increase visibility across the full funnel.

Coming from a company with an enterprise deal cycle to Namely, where deals come through at a much faster pace, Mike needed a full funnel data analytics tool that could deliver on the combination of visibility and flexibility.

In the search for a solution, a major focus was finding a tool that would be widely adopted by the Sales team in order to create change from the bottom of the organization upwards. Namely saw this objective achieved when they implemented FunnelCake. 

I love working and interacting with the FunnelCake team. Whether it’s training on a new product update, requesting a new feature, or talking about shifts in our market – I feel like FunnelCake is invested in the success of Namely,” says Mike Brown


"FunnelCake was the fastest 0-to-60 I've ever done implementing a new tool."

Mike Brown
Vice President of Revenue Operations, Namely

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Adoption drives behavioral change 

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In the first month of implementation, Namely reps has 100% adoption of the platform. Actionable email alerts delivered daily helped the sales team start each day right – breaking through the noise and providing one easy-to-read email with everything they need to know about their pipeline.  


Actionable alerts for sales reps

“FunnelCake was the fastest 0-to-60 I’ve ever done implementing a new tool,” Says Mike Brown. “I’ve had similar success with a couple other systems, but it’s usually a much slower curve and requires much more energy into enabling and reinforcing it to everyone.”

Sales Development

“Our SDR team was set up, using, and finding value with FunnelCake in the first week of implementation. An immediate impact was found in the daily emails reps receive each morning that act as a focused to-do list. We’ve never had better cleaner Salesforce data,” says Mike Brown. “It’s become part of their day-to-day habit, and I can see it in their outcomes, which to me is the best outcome.” 

New leads are made more visible to reps with FunnelCake’s lead and contact merging, which means contacts re-entering the funnel don’t get forgotten about, and more leads are at the fingertips of reps on a daily basis. 

Account Executives

FunnelCake reports help Account Executives (AEs) stay on top of pipeline and make sure the actions and timelines that exist in the sales process take place in each and every deal moving through the funnel. It’s easy to stay focused on marquee deals, but others tend to get ignored. FunnelCake’s red flag inspection is a fast, effective way to ensure each deal is receiving the attention it needs to progress down the funnel at a healthy pace. 

When Account Executives are given a clear, top-to-bottom picture of what pipeline looks like, it narrows their focus on what deals should see what actions each day in order to keep a healthy pipeline.   


“When you have so many different data points, it’s hard to make adjustments in a meaningful way unless you have big picture visibility – FunnelCake gives us that.” Says Michael Townsend, VP of Sales, Central at Namely.

“The reports are so clear and intuitive. It’s easy to see what opportunities are trending in the wrong direction and what actions we need to do to fix it.”


Coaching moments for sales managers

For Sales Managers at Namely, like Kevin Cote, FunnelCake’s value is found driving two main areas:

  1. Cleaning up opportunities that should not be in the active funnel, narrowing focus on engaged deals.  

  2. Understanding stage conversion and how deals are moving through the funnel to identify blockage points. 

Reports like Age in Stage are used by sales managers in their one-on-one meetings with reps, using the visualization to show reps areas of focus for clean up. 

“FunnelCake made us take a deep look into how we were tracking activities at the top of the funnel,” says Kevin Cote. “Specifically the handoff between SDR and AE, and tracking whether or not the discovery call took place and how long it took to move to the next stage. It’s something we didn’t have an effective way of tracking, FunnelCake exposed it, and now we’re improving on the process.”


Operational insights for leadership

In the short time that FunnelCake has been implemented, key reports have already found a home in Namely’s board deck like Stage Progression to show a big picture view of blockage points in the funnel. Visibility goes deeper than that with stage-to-stage progression showing conversion rates from top-of-funnel all the way down to closed-won revenue. 

“These reports gave a very clear picture that we went through a period where Lead Generation, Marketing, and Sales weren’t well-aligned and our conversion rates through each handoff were suffering. It’s a picture we didn’t have visibility into before.” Says Mike Brown. “With our improved funnel visibility, we’ve been able to implement new processes that have ultimately led to a 150% improvement in conversion rates.”


"Our SDR team was finding value in the first week of implementation."

Mike Brown
Vice President of Revenue Operations, Namely

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Immediate impact on the organization 

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As a company that makes data-driven business decisions, Namely is taking advantage of the FunnelCake platform to improve Salesforce data quality, rep behavior, and improve conversion rates through the funnel. In the short time since implementation, there have been a number of notable improvements and operational changes.


Reduced risk in open pipeline

FunnelCake’s Opportunity Risk from Age report compares the age of current opportunities in open pipeline against recently won business to determine the level of risk that exists. With helpful features like daily email alerts, Namely has reduced risk due to age from 60% to 5%. 

Salesforce data violations dropped

Common data violations in Salesforce, like reps failing to log activities and moving opportunities through funnel stages incorrectly, have dropped significantly. Better visibility into the sales process has allowed for leadership to streamline or implement new processes to allow managers to turn violations into coaching moments with reps.  

Perfect adoption within 30 days

A big reason why Namely chose FunnelCake is that they were looking for a tool that would be widely adopted by the sales organization. With 100% adoption within the first 30-days, this was a success. 


Operational changes

With the improved visibility into the sales process, Sales leadership at Namely have streamlined or implemented new processes that are allowing Sales managers to turn data violations into coaching moments with reps.

Rearchitected sales stages

FunnelCake’s Conversion Rates reports is an easy way to see how leads and opportunities are flowing through the funnel, and where things are getting stuck. Namely used the visibility this report provides to rearchitect their sales stages to remove barriers they had that were causing opportunities to stall and die out. 

SDR outreach strategy

The way that Namely approached SDR strategy changed when they used FunnelCake to look at how SDR sourced deals move through the funnel, and what influence activity metrics had on the the success of that deal. 

In some cases, SDRs with highest activity metrics had little to no opportunities making it to the bottom-of-the-funnel. The opposite was also true, where SDRs with below average activity metrics but had a high percentage of opportunities that were moving through the funnel and closing. With this information, Namely implemented new changes regarding how they use stages, how SDRs are measured, and how they approached outreach. 

Why FunnelCake?

Mike Brown needed a tool that gave visibility into their full funnel while being flexible to how their business runs. The tool that they settled on also needed to being adopted by the entire Sales organization, and become a part of the sales reps daily habits to create a change in the business from the bottom up. 

The value was delivered immediately to every part of the Sales organization. Sales Reps and Managers used daily email alerts to drive Salesforce data, Account Executives turn to the Risk from Age report to quickly see what opportunities they have trending in the right or wrong direction, and Sales Executives have the visibility required to improve and implement processes aimed to drive revenue.



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Namely has seen a consistent climb in conversion rates from lead to revenue: reps are changing behavior through FunnelCake’s proactive alerts and the management team is using FunnelCake’s reporting to improve processes across the full funnel.  


Contributed to 150% improvement in lead-to-revenue conversion rates


100% user adoption within 30 days


Salesforce data hygiene at an all-time best