Here's how FunnelCake works

FunnelCake uses historical analysis to identify trends and patterns in your Salesforce data and identify where pipeline issues exist.

Instead of having your data siloed in separate products, trapped in outdated Excel files, or only readable by data scientists, FunnelCake brings all of your Marketing and Sales data into one app. Your full funnel is cleaned up, analyzed, and insights are presented in a way that everyone understands. You'll see where there are gaps in your plan, learn which actions mitigate risk, and know in real-time when your plan has to change.

Best of all, FunnelCake brings Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success together in a unified funnel – an approach we call Revenue Operations.



FunnelCake helps keep your teams accountable to revenue across the full funnel

FunnelCake tells you about red flag alerts for gaps in your plan, easy-to-read reports written in plain English, and time-based insights focus your team on how they can make an impact. You'll feel confident in accelerating your growth plans when you can see exactly what your teams need to do.

Out-of-the-box reports answer common questions – like lead-to-account mapping, lead handoffs, pipeline coverage, conversion rates, deal velocity, and more.



A deeper dive into reports

Each FunnelCake report has six tools – from quick glances before a meeting, to deep-dives when you need to understand anomalies in your data.

  • Board-Ready Visuals provide at-a-glance health indicators

  • Insights tell your team which actions to take next

  • Deep Dives give you a granular look at the data

  • Segments filter Insights and Deep Dives to find your best (and worst) performers

  • Notifications keep everyone updated when things change

  • Deep Links take you to the right place in Salesforce

FunnelCake will replace a bunch of separate reports you use – enabling your team to focus on strategy instead of spending days in Excel.



Beauty and brains.

Board-Ready Visuals answer specific questions at a glance. A stoplight color scheme is used to make it easy to understand – you'll be able to give the go/no-go without parsing the details. Each visual is designed to answer a specific question – like which part of the funnel can we impact today, or which months are at risk of missing the New Business quota?

Plain English. Detailed answers.

Insights are written in plain English – an easier, faster way to know what's going on in your business without decoding the data. You'll know what happens if you want to double your revenue next year, or how healthy your pipeline is, or see if your Marketing programs are going to deliver enough lead coverage. You can even find out when you need to hire new Sales reps.

Rabbit holes you can climb out of.

Deep Dives help you find anomalies in your data – quickly – through advanced search, filters, and built-in alerts. We've made it easy to find the answers you need without losing days inside of spreadsheets. But if you really want to see life through the looking glass, you can export any report to CSV for your own custom analysis.

Slice, dice, julienne funnels.

Segments split your reports into the groups that matter to you. Bring in any Salesforce field –even across objects – and instantly filter a report. Find out how deal velocity changes by lead source, per territory, monthly over the past year. How sales carry capacity is affected by product line. Or segment conversion rates by the Primary Contact's title. The possibilities are endless.

Know what happens, as it happens.

Notifications help you focus on your work – instead of refreshing yet another tool for updates. Alerts go directly to your inbox when risk appears in your funnel. Notifications instantly tell you when:

  • A big deal is moved out by a quarter, putting this quarter at risk

  • A qualified opportunity is now older than the oldest deal you've ever won

  • Lead generation efforts are falling short of what's needed for future pipeline

You can also subscribe to weekly updates.

Tools of the trade, without the trade-offs.

Deep Links create a seamless experience between FunnelCake and Salesforce. One click takes you to the Lead, Account, or Opportunity in Salesforce – from any FunnelCake report –add tasks for reps, close out stale opportunities, and drill into full Opportunity history with ease. Your reps stay productive in Salesforce, while you get a robust reporting tool across your full funnel.



Common questions

Does FunnelCake integrate with my tools?

FunnelCake has out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

To keep updated on future integrations, you can sign up for our newsletter.

We use a lot of custom fields in Salesforce – can I see those in FunnelCake?

Yes! FunnelCake can pull in custom fields on Salesforce standard objects and custom Salesforce objects. We can even map fields across objects.

For example,

  • Territory lives on the Account, but you want to use it to filter Opportunities. We can do that.

  • Your targets are set in MRR, but Amount hold the Total Contract Value. You have a custom field called MRR that you want to use for pipeline. We can do that.

FunnelCake also has out-of-the-box support for multiple funnels and multi-currency localization. If you have specific implementation questions, please send us a note.

How does FunnelCake know when to send out red flag alerts?

No one needs another tool to check every day – that's why FunnelCake alerts you when big things change, like:

  • A big deal is moved out by a quarter

  • An opportunity is now older than the oldest deal you've ever won

  • Lead generation efforts aren't delivering on requirements for pipeline

These alerts go directly to your inbox, helping you stay on top of any risk in your growth plans. Each Sunday, FunnelCake will update you on the latest risks in your Marketing and Sales efforts. With one click, you can get to relevant reports in FunnelCake or go directly into Opportunities in Salesforce – making it easy to assign tasks, update data, and more.

How does FunnelCake generate insights?

FunnelCake uses two models to generate insights: statistical and predictive models.

Statistical models run in real-time to find trends across your full funnel. These models provide our core metrics – volume, value, velocity, and conversion rates. We also evaluate the reliability of your data – looking for anomalies like spread, volatility, cluster analysis, and more.

Predictive models combine core statistics with segmentation and activity data tracked in your CRM and Marketing Automation. Predictive models evaluate which Leads and Opportunities are likely to be won, lost, or go stale.

Together, these models give you a high-level of confidence in the actions you can take to beat your targets.


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