Close the gap in your funnel.

Connect Salesforce to FunnelCake and we'll find the gaps in your growth plans. Then, FunnelCake guides your team with actionable insights to close the gap – like how many leads you need to create, when you need to hire Sales reps, and red flag alerts on pipeline.


We believe Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success need to operate across the full funnel to drive growth.

We call this Revenue Operations.


Full funnel insights

FunnelCake helps you manage performance to revenue across the customer lifecycle – from new lead generation to expansion opportunities. Simply connect Salesforce and we do the rest – calculating core metrics like conversion rates, deal velocity, rep carry capacity, and more.

Our conversational interface makes it simple to take action. Then, when you want to drill deeper you can slice-and-dice data with both standard and custom fields, finding trends by lead source, rep, territory, or all of those combined.


Work backwards from targets

FunnelCake works backwards from your revenue targets to identify gaps in your funnel early enough to solve them. Tell us your targets, by month or by quarter, and we'll give you a  simple red/yellow/green alert on your performance as things change.

Evaluate your lead generation plan, your pipeline health, individual opportunity health, and overall goals. FunnelCake aligns everything around time, helping you focus on the right strategies based on when you'll see impact from your efforts.


Automated data cleansing

Everyone thinks their CRM is a hot mess. We've built tools to aggregate, clean, and analyze data from tools like Salesforce and Marketo, helping you kickstart your insights team without starting your CRM from scratch.

FunnelCake automates things like:

  • Lead to Account Matching
  • Lead, Contact, and Account de-duplication
  • Contact normalization


“FunnelCake helps us fill in the black holes between Sales and Marketing, giving us enhanced reporting on campaign performance, lead generation, and revenue.”

– Jacqui Murphy, VP Marketing
Auvik Networks



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