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Take the guesswork out of lead planning.


Work backwards from revenue

Tell FunnelCake your revenue growth targets and you'll instantly learn what Marketing efforts you need to put in place to beat them. You can look a far out as you want – 3, 6, 12 months (or quarters!) to plan your growth.

FunnelCake uses core metrics, like deal velocity and conversion rates, to provide a time-based view of when leads need to be in every stage of your funnel in order to turn into new business.

Learn from your past

FunnelCake uses a rolling 90-day performance index to compare key metrics against the current leads and opportunities in your funnel. This ensures you always have an accurate view of your business.

Historical views enable you to compare performance over time—like seeing if conversion rates are stabilizing or increasing for a specific deal stage.

Solve the gaps in your forecast

You'll know early and often if you're short for a month (or quarter). FunnelCake uses predictive modelling to identify which deals in your funnel are likely to close, and when.

When coverage falls short, FunnelCake will tell you by how much, and whether you should focus on lead development or doubling down on specific opportunities to hit your number.


Use a coverage model to predict gaps in your plan

How do you know if your future campaign plans are going to generate enough leads for your revenue targets? Coverage modelling help your Marketing team know if they have enough planned campaigns to beat your revenue targets.

Coverage looks at key performance indicators for your full funnel:

  • conversion rates, both historical and recent 
  • lead and deal velocity, both historical and recent 
  • deal value, both assumed average and real numbers
  • lead and deal volume

Using a coverage model, FunnelCake will instantly tell you which targets are most at risk using red, yellow, and green performance indicators. As Marketing and Sales performance changes you'll get real-time updates.

For example, a bump in lead volume might turn a future target green, while a large deal being moved by a quarter will put a target risk. With FunnelCake you'll be kept up to date with changes, so there are never surprises at end of quarter.


Identify when Marketing activities need to be completed to have impact

It's easy to get distracted by end of quarter: Sales is short on pipeline, and Marketing drops everything to focus on lead generation and Sales enablement. This is a hugely expensive exercise in distraction, especially if Sales only closes what's already in pipeline.

FunnelCake uses lead and deal velocity metrics to show your Executive team which part of the funnel Marketing and Sales can have an impact on at any given time.

For example, if you have a 90-day sale cycle, your Marketing team should be focused on new lead development for the next quarter; your SDR team might be focused on in-quarter opportunity development; and your AEs are fully focused on closing what's in the current month.


Know early and often when you need to ramp up your efforts

Today you could be hitting your lead volume targets, but with your CEOs new growth plan, you might need to 4x your performance over the next 12 months. How are you going to know when that's the case?

FunnelCake identifies when your targets are at risk. Using machine intelligence, you'll instantly know if your past performance needs to ramp-up suddenly—ensuring you enough time to plan for budget and new hires.

Anomaly detection and statistical validation ensure one-time campaigns, like trade shows and list purchases, don't sway your metrics.


See for yourself

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