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FunnelCake actions and insights inline where your reps work everyday – in Salesforce.

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Visibility into what matters

The complete picture of pipeline health so you know who and what are driving change, and understand where you need to take action.

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Coach with confidence

High-level views to judge the overall health of accounts, pipeline, and forecast, and drill-down to analyze sales activity to see which reps need coaching and what deals need added support.

Risk analysis in real-time

Visibility into what deals are progressing at a healthy pace, moving slowly, or are at-risk due to lack of activity so you can push them forward and close more deals, faster.


Improve pipeline performance with measurable results.


Arm your reps with FunnelCake’s personalized insights and actions where they are already working to make quick and informed decisions that drive leads and opportunities forward.

With FunnelCake actions and insights built in to your Salesforce view, it encourages positive rep behavior that has a bottom-up effect on the entire business. Here are some typical results within 3 months:

  • 100% user adoption

  • 90% reduction in Salesforce data errors

  • 30%+ improvement in lead to revenue conversions


Namely Increases Conversion Rates by 1.5x Within One Quarter of Implementing FunnelCake

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Give your sales reps contextual insights and recommended actions in real time.

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and resources making your Salesforce work for your business. That’s why we’re bringing FunnelCake health flags, insights, and suggested actions inline with where your reps are working – right in Salesforce.

Get FunnelCake insights on your leads, contacts, and opportunities so you can be certain that you and your team are working every deal to its fullest potential.


On a Lead

On a Contact

On the Opportunity


FunnelCake makes sales accountability easy.

Improve the performance of your teams – right in Salesforce.