Maximize your Salesforce experience.

Turn Salesforce data into quick and easy actions for your team that move deals forward and improve sales rep behavior with FunnelCake.




Alerts for sales reps

FunnelCake alerts and health flags help reps focus on the actions that will move deals forward in the funnel and improve sales rep behavior in the long-run.


Coaching moments for managers

Sales managers use FunnelCake to run more effective 1:1s, accurate pipeline review meetings, and grow revenue by helping their team grow as sales reps.


Insights for Leadership

Sales, Marketing, and RevOps leaders use FunnelCake to identify and remove roadblocks in their full funnel – from hand-off issues, conversion rate gaps, Salesforce adoption, and more.


Improve pipeline performance with measurable results.


Arm your reps with FunnelCake’s personalized insights and actions where they are already working to make quick and informed decisions that drive leads and opportunities forward.

With FunnelCake actions and insights built in to your Salesforce view, it encourages positive rep behavior that has a bottom-up effect on the entire business. Here are some typical results within 3 months:

  • 100% user adoption

  • 90% reduction in Salesforce data errors

  • 30%+ improvement in lead to revenue conversions

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Namely Increase Conversion Rates by 1.5x with FunnelCake



Give your sales reps contextual insights and recommended actions in real time.

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and resources making your Salesforce work for your business. That’s why we’re bringing FunnelCake health flags, insights, and suggested actions inline with where your reps are working – right in Salesforce.

Get FunnelCake insights on your leads, contacts, and opportunities so you can be certain that you and your team are working every deal to its fullest potential.


On a Lead

On a Contact

On the Opportunity


Expose the gaps in your sales process so you can work every Salesforce lead and opportunity to its fullest potential with FunnelCake