Contact Washing Machine

Clean up your data to run powerful, account-based programs.


Clean up titles in your database

It's hard to run targeted programs when there are 10 different ways a VP of Marketing can enter their title into your database. You need to run targeted programs for account-based and persona-based campaigns – to do that you need clean titles for Leads and Contacts.

FunnelCake's Contact Washing Machine uses advanced machine-learning to normalize job titles, job levels, and departments for both Automation and Salesforce. With a 98% match rate,* you'll reduce unique titles by a factor of 10.

* Match rate based on the 2016 National Occupation Classification. Match rates may vary based on industry.

De-duplicate contacts

FunnelCake uses machine intelligence to automatically identify duplicate Leads and Contacts in Salesforce, ensuring your database only contains one of every person.

Leads can be created by a sales person and your Marketing Automation systems. This can lead to duplicate contacts. When this happens, marketing attribution data will be allocated to both, skewing performance metrics. This will result a false calculation  of lead coverage.


Auto-match leads to accounts

Leads can come into your Marketing Automation system or Salesforce after Sales has already started working the Account. Unless you've built complex lead routing rules in Salesforce, these new contacts are not going to be associated with the Account!

FunnelCake's machine intelligence automatically matches Leads to Accounts to ensure the Sales team can work all available Contacts. You'll even be able to see a unified timeline of Lead, Contact, Opportunity, and Account data in one spot.


“We’ve cut out 70% of the work required to build persona-based campaigns using FunnelCake’s Contact Washing Machine.“

– Brent Merswolke
   Digital Marketer, Miovision Technologies


Run account-based programs with ease

Whether you're using ABM or persona-based marketing, it's a challenge to run programs for dedicated titles. FunnelCake saves you from time-consuming, manual scrubbing of your database anytime you want to run a targeted program:

With FunnelCake's normalized titles, you can:

  • run persona/title-based programs, like running separate nurture streams for VPs of Sales and Sales Operations
  • run programs for specific levels, like targeting a white paper to Director-level employees
  • run programs for departments, such as analyzing how many Finance contacts are involved in your purchasing process

With Salesforce sync, you're can easily identify key roles missing in named accounts. Best of all, you can build these rules in seconds.


Global insights, local campaigns

FunnelCake uses Microsoft's Cortana Intelligence Suite to automatically translate titles from different languages. This enables global marketing teams to have a unified set of titles in English—regardless of the originating language in your database.

This gives you unprecedented capabilities for running local campaigns based on global marketing insights, no matter where your product is sold.

Just-enough granularity

Depending on your market, you may want to break down roles into bigger or small groupings. With our premium custom rules, FunnelCake can give you as much (or as little) granularity in department-specific titles as you need.

For example, if you sell to Marketers you may want to separate Marketing Programs Manager, Content Marketing Manager, and Online Marketing Manager into three separate roles. However, if you sell to Education buyers, you may only care that they are Marketing Managers. With FunnelCake, you can choose how much granularity you want in your database.


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