Coaching moments for Sales Managers

Sales managers use FunnelCake to run effective 1:1s, accurate pipeline review meetings, and grow revenue by helping their team grow as sales reps.


Health flags at your fingertips

Instantly assess the health of a reps pipeline with a single view, looking at risks like:

  • age

  • activity

  • account coverage and penetration

  • data quality

  • historical performance

Stack rank your team

Easily see how everyone on your team compares – identifying to performers and areas for improvement.

Make your 1:1s about coaching, not updating Salesforce

Weekly email reports for your team and reps highlight key areas for performance improvement with your reps. Reps get the same email 24 hours before you, giving them a chance to clean up their pipeline – leading to a 90% reduction in data issues. This means your 1:1 can be focused on coaching, not asking if the details of your Salesforce report are accurate.


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