Auvik doubles lead-to-revenue conversion rates

Auvik used FunnelCake to unify Marketing and Sales through the full funnel. Since launch they’ve seen a 2x improvement in full funnel conversion rates. 

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About Auvik

Auvik is the most efficient & profitable way to manage network infrastructure. As a high growth, mid-market SaaS company, Auvik is focused on rapidly scaling a predictable sales organization.

Founded in 2011

HQ in Waterloo, ON

Series B by OpenView

100-250 employees
40+ person sales team


In this case study:

Alex Hoff
Vice President of Sales

Jacqui Murphy
Vice President of Marketing

Mercedes Geimer
BDR Manager

Colin Houston
Business Development Rep (BDR)


Driving change from the bottom-up

Auvik saw a 2x improvement in full funnel conversion since launching FunnelCake – using alerts and interactive reports to help Auvik’s reps build the right Salesforce habits. “Our reps love using FunnelCake—the reports are built for them, in their language, and designed to help them close more deals faster,” says Alex Hoff.


Auvik's Sales and Marketing teams share a number of tools – their primary tech stack includes Marketo, Salesforce, and SalesLoft for customer acquisition; InsightSquared for forecasting; and FunnelCake for day-to-day Sales and Marketing operations.

“With InsightSquared, I can create all the dashboards I want and tell the reps to go look at them, and sometimes they will, but it hasn’t been an effective tool for Sales reps – it doesn’t speak their language or tell them the information they care about.” says Alex Hoff, Vice President of Sales at Auvik.

“Because FunnelCake helps us clean up our data, we can get the most out of our other tools that rely on the data coming out of Salesforce, like InsightSquared,” says Jacqui Murphy, Vice President of Marketing at Auvik. “Since implementing FunnelCake, I’m able to trust that the numbers in our pipeline are accurate.”

With accurate information, forecasting tools like InsightSquared can use fact-based data instead of algorithms designed to ignore what might not be correct data in Salesforce.


"Our reps love using FunnelCake — the reports help them close more deals faster."

Alex Hoff
Vice President of Sales, Auvik

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The pain

"We brought in FunnelCake because we couldn't see where things were getting dropped in the funnel,” says Jacqui Murphy, Vice President of Marketing at Auvik.

"We couldn't see the holes in our funnel. We couldn't see the big opportunity that fell out of the funnel because someone forgot to add a task at the end of a call. We couldn't see that a BDR wasn't following up with leads from Australia."

"We trusted our metrics and our conversion rates but they were based on data – data entered by human beings who sometimes make mistakes. There's no hiding bad data with FunnelCake.” says Jacqui Murphy.

Armed with clean Salesforce data, Auvik leadership was able to automatically enforce sales processes to keep reps accountable. By using FunnelCake to identify, analyze, and address process issues early, Auvik has seen an improvement of full funnel conversion rates.

Trust the process

“People typically do what they know how to do – before FunnelCake we didn't have a tool that surfaced issues in a way that people could address them,” says Jacqui Murphy.

In addition to Salesforce compliance, Auvik was also looking to optimize conversion rates from top-to-bottom of funnel. The team recognized that a small change in just one conversion rate can have a drastic impact on a company’s performance. But conversion rates can be impacted by so many things, including dirty data and bloated funnels.

Accurate, timely data entered into Salesforce and actively managed funnels are incredibly important for conversion rates to be calculated correctly. And once Auvik knew conversion rate calculations were based on good information, they could truly see the impact of changes they were making across the full funnel.


Value across the full funnel

FunnelCake’s combination of actionable reports and proactive email alerts help everyone at Auvik actively manage their piece of the funnel. Every Friday afternoon, email alerts are sent to Auvik's reps and managers. These alerts give reps 1-click actions when they aren't following the process correctly, such as:

  • New leads that haven’t been touched within 48 hours of being assigned

  • Leads and opportunities with no recent touchpoints by the rep

  • Opportunities that have been stagnating in their current stage

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For Leadership

“FunnelCake makes the data I use to make strategic decisions more accurate,” says Jacqui Murphy, Vice President of Marketing. “I can look at the health of our funnel, easily identify where problem areas exist, and drill down from there to see if it’s a process issue or an issue with reps updating Salesforce.”

At-risk opportunities are flagged and made highly visible to sales reps and leadership. Within the first three months of launching FunnelCake, Auvik is seeing:

  • Lower risk in pipeline reports

  • Increased accountability for individual pipeline

  • Improved visibility from leadership to sales reps

FunnelCake reports are designed to bring visibility to these types of issues for individuals and across the entire business, enabling management to refine their processes and implement changes across the organization.

For Sales Managers

“When it comes to following process, sales people are naturally a little rogue,” says Mercedes Geimer, BDR Manager at Auvik. “FunnelCake helps our reps build the right habits and gives them the kick in the butt they need to be accountable for maintaining a healthy pipeline.”

Since each rep’s funnel is managed from top-to-bottom, when they meet with their manager, time isn’t wasted discussing why deals aren’t being updated – instead managers focus on coaching and deal strategy to continue moving healthy opportunities down the funnel.

Auvik's managers have seen Salesforce data issues drop by 90%. Managers no longer need to remind their reps to do important administrative tasks. FunnelCake does it for them – automatically.

For Reps

“FunnelCake is helping me make more money, I know I’m working every account to the best of my abilities, which is translating directly to my bottom line,” says Colin Houston, BDR at Auvik. “I have FunnelCake open beside Salesforce all day.”

It's easy for reps to get overwhelmed and lose track of the opportunities they own or tasks they're supposed to follow up with in Salesforce. FunnelCake reports make pipeline health instantly visible so reps can efficiently address any issues.

What Auvik reps like most about FunnelCake email alerts is that they are actionable – displaying all their at-risk deals and providing convenient, 1-click accessibility to Salesforce so they can update or take action on each deal, right away.



The results

Auvik has seen a consistent climb in conversion rates from lead to revenue: reps are changing behaviour through FunnelCake's proactive alerts and the management team is using FunnelCake’s reporting improve processes across the full funnel.


Contributed to 2x improvement in lead-to-revenue conversion rates


90% reduction in sales process violations


Increased confidence in Salesforce data quality