FunnelCake's goal is to fix complicated relationships between teams at work.

We think transparency and accountability between teams can create a better work experience for employees while driving growth for companies. Today we're focused on bridging the gap between Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams in B2B organizations with our revenue operations platform.



Community is at our core

Pledge 1%
Upside Foundation

Inspired by Salesforce, we committed to Pledge 1% from day one of FunnelCake:

  • 1% of the company's equity is allocated to diversity in tech programs with the Upside Foundation of Canada, the Canadian parter for Pledge 1%.

  • 1% of company revenue is donated to charity, matching contributions employees make to the foundations important in their lives.

  • 1 week volunteer time for each employee, every year.



Your growth is our growth

  • TechLife benefits package

  • $500 annual fitness stipend

  • Minimum 3 weeks vacation

  • 1 week volunteer time per year

  • We'll match charitable contributions

  • Life happens – whether it's for family or for FedEx, you can work from home or offset hours when needed



We value empathy, mettle, and transparency.



Our goal is to solve a problem when communication breaks down between teams – to do that, we need a deep understanding of each other and our customers.


Startups are hard, but they shouldn't be a grind. Mettle is about resiliency with a positive attitude. It's about pushing your comfort zone. It is not about late nights or getting burnt out.


People make the best decisions with the most data available to them. Transparency is more about sharing how you think so people can understand the decisions being made.