Front-End Developer

FunnelCake is looking for a Front-End Developer to bring consumer-grade experiences to enterprise software.


You'll be a key member of our development team and build the tools our customers need to drive value in their businesses.

Daily life

  • Our product is a series of highly interactive visualizations (think: FiveThirtyEight or the New York Times), actionable data points, contextual insights, and emails. Your job is to build these features.
  • Our goal is to provide consumer-grade experiences for an enterprise product. That means everything you build will have fast response times, obvious interfaces, clear language, and a consistent experience.
  • You'll work closely with our CEO, Product Manager,and Development Team to build new features for our product, as well as iterate and refactor the existing product.
  • You'll push before it's perfect. We prototype with rapid, high-touch feedback loops with our customer advisory board to make sure new features deliver value. Prototypes go to customers in hours, not weeks. If customer feedback suggest we should move prototype to production, then we'll invest in polish and scale.
  • You'll push to production often. We practice continuous deployment and release features as soon as they pass through testing.
  • You'll learn the full system, be involved in specifying API and data requirements, spin up your own servers – it's important you know how it's all connected.
  • Words are hard. We spend a lot of time making sure the language in our product right. Our Marketing Manager will edit copy in the code. We use a lot of emoji. 🍕

Tech stack

  • React

  • Victory

  • SASS

  • JIRA

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Microsoft Azure

Ideal previous experience

  • You'll own the front-end of the codebase – you'll need at least 3 years, ideally 5+ years, of front-end development experience for web applications. We do not have a mobile app.

  • Experience with React and Victory is a plus.

  • Experience with Ruby on Rails is a plus.

  • Experience with Salesforce is a plus.

How to apply

Send a cover letter and resume to careers@getfunnelcake.com.

Empathy, mettle, and transparency are our core values.

We believe diverse teams create the best results. We believe in giving back to our community. We believe in investing in your growth.  You'll get a $500 fitness stipend, benefits, 3 weeks vacation, 1 week for volunteering, stock options, at least one professional development course each year.