Back-End Developer

FunnelCake is looking for a junior/intermediate Back-End Developer to focus on customer implementations, tooling, and customizations.


You'll be a key member of our development team and build the tools our customers need to drive value in their businesses.

Daily life

  • Our product pulls in Salesforce data, manipulates it, and abstracts it to make it performant for the questions we want to ask. A large challenge is creating generalized solutions that support per-customer customizations in a common framework.

  • Your goal is to help facilitate customer implementations: own the backend services that drive implementations; turn manual implementation processes into API services, internal tools, and customer-facing tools for self-service; and facilitate customer requests, such as customizations and bug fixes.

  • This is an enterprise product. Everything you build needs fast response times, flexible implementations, highly secure access, and accuracy that's easily tested.

  • You'll work closely with our CEO, Product Manager, and Development Team to build new features for our product, as well as iterate and refactor the existing product.

  • You'll push before it's perfect. We prototype with rapid, high-touch feedback loops with our customer advisory board to make sure new features deliver value. Prototypes go to customers in hours, not weeks. If customer feedback suggest we should move prototype to production, then we'll invest in polish and scale.

  • You'll push to production often. We practice continuous deployment and release features as soon as they pass through testing.

Tech stack

  • Ruby on Rails

  • React

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft SQL Server

Ideal previous experience

  • This role will work directly with our VP of Development, so we're flexible on experience level. If you're relatively new to server-side development, we'll provide mentorship and coaching. If you have 3-5 years of experience building enterprise web applications, you'll take on greater responsibilities. We're looking for the right person.

  • Degree in Computer Science or Math or equivalent experience.

  • Experience with any modern object oriented programming language.

How to apply

Send a cover letter and resume to careers@getfunnelcake.com.

Empathy, mettle, and transparency are our core values.

We believe diverse teams create the best results. We believe in giving back to our community. We believe in investing in your growth.  You'll get a $500 fitness stipend, benefits, 3 weeks vacation, 1 week for volunteering, stock options, at least one professional development course each year.