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Nikki Curtis on Sales Enablement

FunnelCake interviews Nikki Curtis from Slack on Sales Enablement.

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Building an Enablement Team from Scratch: Where Do You Start?

FunnelCake spoke with Nikki Curtis, Head of Sales Enablement at Slack, about building a team from scratch at a company in the midst of hyper growth.

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The Difference Between Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement with Curt Crosby

This is an interview by FunnelCake with Curt Crosby, Co-Founder of Velas Coaching, on the difference between Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement.

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Sales Enablement Strategy with Alex Simoes

FunnelCake's expert interview series continues with Alex Simoes, Senior Director of Business Enablement at Sysco LABS, discussing Sales Enablement strategy. 

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Content Teams Can Drive Sales by First Empowering Salespeople
What Does a CRO Do?

FunnelCake interviews Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer at Harvard and Author of The Sales Acceleration Formula, about what a CRO does. 

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Pete Caputa on the Sales Process

FunnelCake interviews Pete Caputa, VP of Sales at Hubspot, about the sales process.

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