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Applying Sales & Marketing Startup Experience to Enterprise

Today's conversation is with Jenny Coupe, Senior Director of Americas Marketing at Akamai, about how she uses the Sales and Marketing experience she's gathered over her career in numerous startups and applies it to her new role in an Enterprise business. 

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ABM at Scale with Joel Burke

FunnelCake interviews Joel Burke, Partner and Analytics Practice Lead at Outshine, about ABM at scale. 

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Seth Lieberman on what CEOs want from Sales and Marketing leaders

FunnelCake talks with Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp, about what CEOs today want from Sales and Marketing leaders. 

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Matt Heinz on Full Funnel Marketing

We talked with Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing, about full funnel marketing. 

Matt is a very intelligent guy that believes marketings ends at the same time sales ends. Some topics we touched on were the type of metrics we should be tracking, the impact of technology on sales and marketing, and account based marketing. 


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Marketing changed; measurement didn’t

It’s 2016 planning season for B2Bs. The time of year we bust out conversion rates, pipeline attribution, and give our CMOs PowerPoint presentations for Christmas. Here are seven questions to ask your team to get the greatest gift of all: real insights.

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    Cam Davies on Revenue-Driven Marketing

    Cam Davies is a marketing manager at Miovision Technologies. In this post Cam discusses market sizing, revenue-driven marketing, and how to get the sales team to feel like they're part of your marketing team.

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