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Building a Marketing Team from Scratch w/ Amrita Gurney

FunnelCake interview Amrita Gurney on building a Marketing team from scratch. 

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Sales Ops with Kenny Goldman

FunnelCake talks with Kenny Goldman from about SalesOps. 

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Abheek Dhawan on Data

We sat down with Abheek Dhawan, who works in business operations at Shopify Plus, to talk about data. 

We chat about what sales and marketing metrics he finds most valuable, how that gets used in day-to-day activities, and the importance of having communication between all your teams. He also shares what it's been like to work for a company in hyper growth showing no signs of slowing down. 

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Hana Abaza on Tactical Marketing

Hana Abaza is the VP of Marketing at Uberflip located in Toronto. Hana dives into how Uberflip's marketing strategy was developed, marketing tactics, and how the role of CMO has changed. If you're wondering what her favourite 90's dance song is, she loves them all and names a few of the best. 

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Cam Davies on Revenue-Driven Marketing

Cam Davies is a marketing manager at Miovision Technologies. In this post Cam discusses market sizing, revenue-driven marketing, and how to get the sales team to feel like they're part of your marketing team.

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