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Content Teams Can Drive Sales by First Empowering Salespeople
Chris Brennan on Content Strategy

FunnelCake interviews Chris Brennan, Content Marketing Manager at Phorest, on Content Marketing Strategy. 

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Joanna Wiebe on Writing Copy that Sells

FunnelCake interviews Joanna Wiebe, copywriter and co-founder of Copy Hackers and Airstory, about writing copy that sells. 

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Ron Tite on Creating Original Content

FunnelCake interviews Ron Tite, CEO of The Tite Group, on original content creation. 

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Lee Odden on Influencer Marketing Strategy

FunnelCake chats with Lee Odden from TopRank Marketing about influencer marketing strategy. 

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Andy Crestodina on (Effective) Content Creation

FunnelCake interviews Andy Crestodina, co-founder and strategic director at Orbit Media, about (effective) content creation. 

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5 things I learned at UFX2016

Publish less & convert more, fixing problems that your audience is unaware of, the importance of data cleansing, hugging your haters, SEO optimization, and the death of the listicle. Just some of the main takeaways from The Uberflip Experience held last week in Toronto. 

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Rand Fishkin’s Lessons Learned Building a SaaS Business

We were joined by Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz, to talk about some of the lessons he's learned from building a SaaS business. 

In our chat, we talk about some things that he would change if he were to do it all over again. Things like his onboarding process, product launches, and the amount of features to focus on. He also talked about some things that he would repeat like the TAGFEE code and his early content marketing strategy. 

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Crys Wiltshire on SEO

FunnelCake interviews Crys Wiltshire, Senior Marketing Manager at gShift, on SEO. 

Crys talks about the changing landscape of SEO, what strategies and tactics work (and don't work), and basics that every company should have covered. 

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Content Marketing with Laura Brodie

Laura Brodie is the director of marketing and communications at Bridgit based in Kitchener, Ontario. In this post, Laura discusses content marketing, and how it can be used to build your brand. 

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Francois Mathieu on Content Marketing

We spoke with Uberflip's marketing programs manager, Francois Mathieu, about content marketing. Learn where to get started, resources for finding great content to curate for your audience, and why you need to tie content back to revenue.

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