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The Key to Sales and Marketing Alignment: Empathy

FunnelCake interviews Karen Hayward, Managing Partner for Chief Outsiders, on how her 20-year career in sales and marketing impacts the way she approaches consulting today.

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Building a Revenue Operations Team with Carol Leaman

FunnelCake interviews Axonify CEO, Carol Leaman, about how and why she started a Revenue Operations team. 

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What Does a CRO Do?

FunnelCake interviews Mark Roberge, Senior Lecturer at Harvard and Author of The Sales Acceleration Formula, about what a CRO does. 

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Kelly Winter on Sales and Marketing's (Dysfunctional) Relationship

FunnelCake interviews Kelly Winter, digital marketer at Sortable, about the dysfunctional relationship between sales and marketing. 

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Sangram Vajre on What's Wrong With B2B Marketing

FunnelCake interviews Sangram Vajre, co-founder and CMO of Terminus, about what's wrong with B2B marketing.

Sangram explains the kind of collaboration needed between sales, marketing, and customer success in today's world, the magic that happens every five years in B2B marketing, and where the future is headed!

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Matt Heinz on Full Funnel Marketing

We talked with Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing, about full funnel marketing. 

Matt is a very intelligent guy that believes marketings ends at the same time sales ends. Some topics we touched on were the type of metrics we should be tracking, the impact of technology on sales and marketing, and account based marketing. 


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Christina Ellwood on Sales and Marketing Alignment

Christina Ellwood is a technology CMO, entrepreneur, and angel investor from the Valley, and we chat with her about sales and marketing alignment. We talk common complaints, the root problem, and potential solutions. 

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Dan Shaw on the Buyer's Journey

Dan Shaw is the VP of Sales at Maintenance Assistant based in Toronto. In our talk, he speaks about the steps involved in a buyer journey, problems that stem from sales and marketing misalignment, and advice to get your teams better aligned with the proper resources. 

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