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Stop Leads Falling Through the Cracks With a Lead Response SLA That Works

One of the biggest headaches for companies are qualified leads falling through the cracks – either ignored completely or with slow response times from sales reps. Every hour or day a lead sits idle significantly lowers the chance to convert that lead into revenue – and plummets to zero if they never get worked by sales. You waste marketing dollars, risk your forecast, and tarnish your prospect experience.

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10 things I learned from Paul Singh

Paul Singh’s North American tech tour stopped in Waterloo. There were a lot of great events to learn from Paul, but the best advice is the kind he shares over a beer or a run.

Paul framed most of his talks as investor advice, but most of it applies equally to Sales and Marketing. Read the full post on Medium.

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The Marketing Leap

We're hosting a one-day, single-track conference for modern marketers in Kitchener's Tannery Event Centre on February 29th. You should come. Learn more at The Marketing Leap.

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FunnelCake in the Globe & Mail

How do you sell a product that's still being developed? That's a question we've been working on an answer for. For the Globe & Mail's small business columnist Becky Reuber (also a professor of strategic management in the Rotman School of Management of the University of Toronto), put together a case study on how our research and customer advisory board help us get our first customers.

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How a customer advisory board will change your business

We put customers at the centre of every decision we make. To do that, we made a customer advisory board. Learn how this helped us go from mockups to revenue in three months, how to use transparency to build trust with your customers, and get your development team excited about empathy.

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