Sales Productivity Survey 2018 (Where Does The Time Go?)

But really ... where does the time go? 

In partnership with Kiite and LevelJump, that's what we're determined to find out. 


The amount of time a rep spends on non-selling activities might come as a surprise. Many sales organizations aim for active selling time to be 50% of a rep’s daily duties but are falling well short due to increasing administrative tasks such as data entry, CRM management, peer-to-peer interruptions, enablement training, software learning, and more.

Even with new tools emerging – like Slack and SalesLoft – that are used to make day-to-day life for reps easier, you wonder how much time is spent inside these platforms versus on the phones. 

Although similar surveys have been conducted, we're looking to dive deeper into what the specific activities are that sales reps are spending their time on and comparing those to things like company success, specific technologies/processes (current and planned), and various firmographics.

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  • Where does your team stack up? 
  • What are the best-aligned organizations doing?
  • Where are sales reps spending their time at the highest performing companies?
  • The time perception gaps between managers and employees?
  • How are firms leveraging technologies to influence sales productivity?

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