FunnelCake Brings On 18 New Customers in Q1 2018

FunnelCake Experiencing High-Growth as Revenue Operations Continues to be a Top Priority in B2B

FunnelCake’s record-breaking Q1 2018 exceeds total sales for all of 2017. As revenue operations continues to be a top priority for growing organizations, FunnelCake is seeing a dramatic demand for their platform centered around the alignment of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to help businesses achieve scalable revenue growth.

“FunnelCake brings our full funnel into one unified view keeping our teams aligned and accountable from lead to revenue.” says Vinay Nair, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Intelex.

Included in the list of new customers in 2018 are names like Intelex and Namely who were in the market for a tool to help create scalable revenue growth across the full funnel.

“There are so many tools out there providing insights to executive teams through dashboards, but there’s a gap when it comes to turning those insights into process changes across the business,” says Mike Brown, Vice President of Revenue Operations at Namely. “FunnelCake makes it easy to gather valuable insights, turn them into strategic actions, and enforce them across our organization.”

FunnelCake goes beyond a typical dashboarding solution to deliver value at every level and help drive real change. For sales reps, it's easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of open tasks or opportunities that they own. FunnelCake reports make pipeline health instantly visible so they can take action, right away.

With individual reps equipped with FunnelCake reporting, they have full visibility and accountability over their own pipeline allowing for sales managers to focus on what really matters; coaching and sales strategy. For customers like Auvik Networks, these changes have led to a 2x improvement in lead-to-revenue conversion rates – see their case study here.

“Our reps love using FunnelCake—it’s designed to help them maintain a cleaner funnel, focus their energy, and close more deals faster,” says Alex Hoff, Vice President of Sales at Auvik Networks.

As modern businesses continue to get more sophisticated in their operations, it’s crucial to have Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success aligned and accountable to each other. When teams are speaking the same language, committed to the process, and have the tools in place to make data visible and actionable, that’s when scalable revenue growth is possible. Make it happen with the Revenue Operations Platform: FunnelCake.

For more on FunnelCake’s methodology and revenue operations best practices, check out The RevOps Framework.

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