What's New at FunnelCake 06/16

June Product Update

We've just released a huge number of changes to the platform that we're very excited to show off. 

Pick your own date range

Custom date ranges are here!

Create reports that work for your specific marketing campaign periods and sales cycles. 

Connect your web content to pipeline

We have a new report called Page Visits by Pipeline Stage. This maps website visits to the pipeline stage the contact was in when that website visit happened. It's very fancy.

This is a great way to build or evaluate your content strategy by looking at what early, mid, and late-stage content for your buyer looks like.

Pipeline cohort chart improvements

Pipeline conversion rates

Cohort analysis now includes conversion rates and opportunity counts for each stage of your pipeline. This accepts filters, so you can see how conversion rates change with each rep, region, deal size, etc.

Behind the scenes this puts deals through your whole funnel for conversion rates. That means if a deal jumps from Stage 1 to Stage 5, it is still included in conversion rates for Stages 2, 3, and 4.

Aggregate from all Salesforce objects

Opportunity data for Salesforce customers is now aggregated from all three objects: Accounts, Opportunities, and Contacts. This ensures you'll see every activity in cohort analysis and the buyer journey, regardless of where the sales rep logs activities.

(We've also added an activity type filter, so you if you only want to see activities logged on Opportunity objects, you can do that too.)

Powerful improvements to buyer journey 

The buyer's journey is now easier to use as a launchpad into your CRM:

  • one-click links into the opportunity in Salesforce or HubSpot CRM
  • easier to read summary with value, current stage, and age
  • view additional contacts on the account, who aren't on the opportunity
  • view additional opportunities on the same account
  • activities from the Account, Opportunity, and Contacts all in one timeline
  • which you can filter by object and source (like Automation) to make reading the timeline easier

Easier to read layout

Reports are now full-width, ensuring you can get the most detail in charts on smaller screens. The filters are now up-top and follow you as you scroll, ensuring you always know what view you're looking at. New fonts make things easier to read. It's a bunch of small changes we hope you like.

I mean, look how pretty those tabs are!

If you like what you see, I encourage you to sign up for our weekly webinar, held Friday's at 2:00PM ET,  where we will be explaining the new reports and features in more detail.


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