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The Marketing Leap was a one-day, single-track conference held on February 29th, 2016. We brought together over 200 attendee's in the Tannery Event Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. There were ten great speaker sessions with names like Jason Falls, April Dunford, Christina Ellwood, and Mark Evans. Plus speakers from Shopify, Uberflip, Vidyard, Axonify, Miovision, and D2L. There was also hipster coffee, a delicious lunch (kick-ass mac and cheese - so good), and happy hour networking. 

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Christina Ellwood & Marko Savic on the State of Modern Marketing

In this session, Marko Savic interviews Christina Ellwood on the state of modern marketing based on research interviews she did with CMO's and VP's of Marketing. Topics cover moving SDR's under marketing, how marketing should be measured, and account based marketing. 


Content and Storytelling Panel

In this session, Geoff McMurdo moderates a panel with April DunfordMark Evans, and Cassandra Jowett. April goes off about the amount crappy, generic, fluffy content that's being produced, Mark points out great companies to look to, and Cassandra digs into how to get advocates involved in your storytelling.  


Social Means Business Panel

In this session, Alex Kinsella moderates a panel with Jason FallsJennifer TribeRyan East, and Trish Crompton. This panel is highly entertaining covering topics from being an open-book on social, how social should be measured, and how relevant social is in the greater scheme. 


Joe Gelata - How to Make Revenue Part of Your Culture

Joe Gelata heads up Revenue Ops and Demand Gen at Vidyard. He also has an awesome blog. Find it here. 

Joe presented on how to make revenue part of your companies culture including the evolution of revenue ops, how it should be structured within your company (which looks like an Oreo), and the future of revenue.



Axonify's Case Study

Laura Martin, Shum Attygalle, and Jonathon Jones from Axonify's marketing team joined together to deliver a very real, useful case study. 

The case study explains where marketing ends and sales begins for Axonify. Check it out to see how they determine what an MQL is, what the role of an ODR does, and 7 learning points for sales and marketing alignment. 



Running the Machine

In this session, Tom Peters leads a discussion with Hana Abaza and Abheek Dhawan about how sales and marketing operations keep the machine running. Hana speaks to how the role of CMO/VP of Marketing has evolved, team structure at Uberflip, and optimizing customer experience to drive revenue. Abheek discusses how they granular to get in measurement, acquiring new customers, and team structure at Shopify Plus. Group discussion follows looking at key handoffs, metrics to keep your eye on, and turning metrics into tactics to improve the future. 


Cam Davies - Sizing, Growing, and Evolving Your Market

Cam Davies is Senior Product Marketing Manager at Miovision

Cam did an entertaining presentation on sizing, growing, and evolving your market with great personal examples from Miovision. The sessions topics ranged from offering responsible solutions, market penetration vs. market share, and product evolution. Along the way there are hilarious references to Huggies Tweet Pee, navel gazing, and a failed Miovision project involving angry men in pickup trucks. 



Larysa Wood & Holly Tiessen on Customer Success

In this session, customer success experts Larysa Wood and Holly Tiessen talk to the reality that marketing never ends in a nice fireside chat. Topics cover the relationship between marketing, sales and customer success, measurement tools, and organizational culture and how it relates to customer success (or how it should be). 



Marko Savic - MarTech and the buyer journey

Marko Savic is co-founder and CEO of FunnelCake.

Marko closed out the day with a presentation on every marketers favourite four letter word (we know what you're thinking - but no) data. His talk includes the numerous challenges in marketing technology today, how to pick the right technology (there are only two rules), and how his personal job history has a lot to do with why FunnelCake is now a company. 



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