Hi! We're new (and we're trying!)

I started my last job just over three years ago, at Igloo Software. On my first day, my then-new coworker (and now friend) gave me a pin she's had since her first job – when she was 16 and working at McDonald's. It said "I'm new and I'm trying." The goal was to get customers and other employees to say hi and give feedback.

So as we start our new adventure with FunnelCake, I wanted to introduce our team. We're new, and we're trying. So please say hi and give us feedback :)

Marko Savic, cofounder/ceo

Marko Savic, cofounder/ceo

Marko Savic, cofounder/CEO

That's me! Before FunnelCake, I was the Creative Director at Igloo Software, where I managed digital marketing: from planning digital campaigns (hi podcast ads!), to the website, to making their hilarious Sandwich Videos.

Before Igloo, I was the Creative Director at a boutique digital marketing and design agency in Waterloo, where we created campaigns for BMW, BlackBerry, HTC, and more. I studied design at York University/Sheridan Institute in Toronto.

The whole idea for FunnelCake started by solving a pain I felt as a marketer: how do you accurately measure the work your doing, and what do you do with those numbers?

Andrew Lawton, cofounder/cto

Andrew Lawton, cofounder/cto

Andrew Lawton, cofounder/CTO

Before FunnelCake, Andrew was the platform team lead at Igloo Software. There Andrew helped shape and build the Igloo platform – from architecting, developing and maintaining new features and improving existing ones, to supporting our product when things went wrong, to helping our developers be awesome.
Andrew studied computer programming at Conestoga College Institute of Technology in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Our investors started as advisors

We're grateful we get to work with investors who share in our mission to make complex data easy for everyone to understand. Our angel investors bring diverse experience – with Christina advising us on marketing, Lex on sales, and Dave on running a SaaS business. They've been extremely helpful in building our network, with Christina in San Francisco, Lex in New York, and Dave in Toronto. Their diversity of perspectives has been the best part of getting them on board.

Dave Unsworth, cofounder and general partner at information venture partners

Dave Unsworth, cofounder and general partner at information venture partners

Dave Unsworth, Investor

Dave worked with both Andrew and I at Igloo Software, one of his fund's portfolio companies. Dave's been giving us advice since FunnelCake was just the inkling of an idea. I'll always remember our first phone call about FunnelCake, when Dave said "So you want to be an entrepreneur? It's my job over the next 30-minutes to talk you out of it."

Instead, I talked Dave into it. Without Dave's advice we wouldn't be here. He's seriously great. 

Dave is the cofounder and general partner at Information Venture Partners. Dave has over ten years of venture capital experience, as a Partner with Clairmont Capital and as a Director with RBC Venture Partners. He holds an MBA from Queen's, BA in Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University and is a Certified Financial Planner.

Lex Friedman, evp sales at midroll

Lex Friedman, evp sales at midroll

Lex Friedman, Investor

I met Lex when I was at Igloo, where I bought podcast ads from him. We've become close friends, and I'm grateful we have him around to teach us how to close a sale, build long-lasting relationships, and make fun of for his score in Alto's Adventure.

Lex is the EVP of Sales & Development at Midroll; they sell podcast ads for great shows like WTF, StartUp, and Reply All. Previously, Lex was co-founder of The Daily Plate, acquired by Demand Media, where he later served in a senior director role. Lex is a former senior writer for Macworld, author of four books (three of which aren't about Snuggie sex), and father to three kids, husband to one adult.

Christina Ellwood, Moreland associates

Christina Ellwood, Moreland associates

Christina Ellwood, Investor & Advisor

Christina and I met in San Francisco in 2014, we quickly got along after geeking out over marketing metrics. We've become great friends, and Christina has been hugely influential in the messaging you see, having helped us define our product-market fit.

A seasoned senior executive, Christina has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Most recently, Christina was VP of Marketing for Brickstream. She founded Moreland Associates in 2001 to provide to help technology companies build traction in the market.


We're excited to make FunnelCake in Kitchener-Waterloo, and glad to be a part of the Communitech family. We're part of the Google for Entrepreneurs Spring 2015 cohort. The startup community here is amazingly supportive, with a great network of successful founders helping us grow. I was born and raised in Kitchener, and it's amazing to be part of our city transforming from a manufacturing centre to the heart of Canada's startup ecosystem.

The best part of this community: we're all in this together. Tech startups and small businesses helping each other out, like this collaboration between us and Debrodnik's Donuts.

Google for Entrepeneurs

Become a taste tester

We're in private-beta with select customers right now. You can book a demo and we'll be happy to show you what we're up to.

Marko Savic